Osmo Pocket Tutorial!

As the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera DJI has ever designed, the compact and intelligent Osmo Pocket turns any moment into a cinematic memory. Here are a few quick videos for you to get the most out of your new OSMO Pocket!

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Want to mount an iPad to Mavic Pro/Air or Spark Controller?

Have you ever wanted to use a screen bigger than your smartphone with your drone? Well, now you can, with PGYTECH's Pad Holder.

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How You Can Make Money Out of Your Drone (A Drone Business Guide for Australia)

You’ve invested into your drone—now it’s time for your drone to earn its keep.

Not everybody can make a living doing something they love, but for drone-loving dilettantes who just can’t keep their eyes out of the skies, there are a lot of ways that your serious hobby can make a serious buck.

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Do not deal with Android Enjoyed, Camera Sky and Klukkur, Fair Trading warns

NSW Fair Trading has warned consumers not to deal with three online electronics stores, responsible for an estimated $150,000 in consumer losses.
The public warning from Fair Trading concerns Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd, which trades online as Android Enjoyed, Camera Sky and Klukkur.
The three stores sell a variety of smartphones, tablets, cameras and watches.

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DJI Goggles How to Play Games and Watch Movies

So you bought a pair of DJI Goggles for the integrated FPV experience of pairing them with your favorite DJI drone. But when droning is not an option say it's raining or too dark to fly ”you've got an amazing VR headset sitting at home doing nothing. That is until you realize that they're perfect for watching movies or playing video games!

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Battery Care is More Important than you Think

When it comes to your drone's battery care is incredibly important even with DJI's Intelligent Battery's powering it. Since if something goes wrong with your battery during flight it could be unfortunate. Even when you're not using your batteries you need to still take proper care of them to keep them safe and to prolong the life of them.

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DJI Care Refresh Get Replacements if You Crash!

Every new drone pilot asks themselves the same question: 'Am I going to crash? This isn't so surprising. Worries linger in all pilot's minds, even experienced ones.

What if I accidentally run into a power line? What if my drone gets hit by a stray football while I'm flying near a playground? What if I'm in ATTI mode and a gust of wind blows my drone into a building?

Fortunately, DJI Care Refresh can put your mind at ease.

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