How To Download DJI Fly on Android

Just bought a brand new DJI drone and ready to take it out for its maiden voyage? Congrats! Having a new drone is great, but you may have noticed that downloading the DJI Fly app is trickier than usual. That’s okay! We’re here to help. Let’s take a look and see how it's done.

What is DJI Fly?

First introduced to pilots alongside the very first DJI Mavic Mini drone in late 2019, the DJI Fly app is DJI’s proprietary flight control app for piloting DJI drones. DJI Fly enables pilots to fly and control their drones via the DJI RC-N1 remote controller (when using a connected smartphone) and features a simplified user interface designed with ease in mind.

The Fly app also grants you access to a variety of creative controls, intelligent flight features and more for beginners and pros alike, with pro controls and more for pilots who want greater creative control.

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How To Download DJI Fly on Android | D1 Lounge

What Drones are Compatible with DJI Fly?

Since the release of the DJI Fly app in 2019, DJI has been slowly transitioning away from older apps like DJI GO 4 for their consumer series drones. This means that practically the entire lineup of DJI drones are compatible with DJI Fly as of 2022. Whether you’re a beginner pilot learning the ropes with a Mini SE or a seasoned professional flying the Mavic 3 Cine for work, all current DJI drones support the same easy-to-use interface of DJI Fly.

Check out the full list of compatible drones below:

DJI Fly App Compatible Drones
DJI Drone Series
DJI Drone Model
DJI Mini Mavic Mini | DJI Mini SE | DJI Mini 2 | DJI Mini 3 Pro
DJI Air Mavic Air 2 | DJI Air 2S
DJI Mavic DJI Mavic 3 | DJI Mavic 3 Cine
FPV Drones DJI FPV | DJI Avata

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How To Download DJI Fly on Android | D1 Lounge

How To Download DJI Fly on Android

1. Visit the DJI Download Centre

Unlike typical Android app downloads that are processed via the Google Play store, DJI Fly and all other DJI apps must be downloaded directly via the DJI website.
Simply visit the DJI Download Centre to download the Fly app file here.

2. Download the App

This step is easy. Simply hit ‘download’ and the app will download in a matter of moments… with a solid internet connection of course.

3. Allow Permissions and Install the App

As the DJI Fly is not downloaded via the traditional Google Play store, your phone may require you to enable permissions to run the app. If so, simply navigate to your phone’s settings to enable full app access. DJI Fly will require access to your camera roll in order to save images in addition to your device's GPS.

4. Log in and Pair Your Drone

Last but not least, you’ll need to launch the app where you’ll be prompted to log in to your DJI account. If you don’t already have an account you’ll be able to make one within the app at this stage. Once you’ve created your account or logged in, go ahead and hit ‘pair device’ and follow the prompts to get your drone paired to your controller for the first time.

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What’s Next?

Now that you’ve downloaded DJI Fly, it's time to get out there and fly! We’d love to see the fantastic photos and videos you capture throughout your aerial adventuring so be sure to tag us @djistoreau on social media. Happy flying!

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How To Download DJI Fly on Android | D1 Lounge

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