How to use DJI OM5 for TikTok and IG Reels Content Creation

Are you a beginner thinking of capturing video content for TikTok and Instagram reels or are you an expert thinking of incorporating new transitions and shots to spice up your videography? Whatever stage of content creation you are at, the DJI OM5 is the perfect hand held device to use for capturing any type of content you want. So how exactly is the Osmo Mobile 5 meant to help you do this? Join us as we show you all the cool features to make your TikTok and reels go viral!

What is the DJI OM5?

Released in late 2021, the DJI OM5 is the latest addition to DJI’s beloved Osmo Mobile smartphone stabiliser product line. Essentially, the DJI OM5 is a smartphone stabiliser that crosses with a selfie stick and a tripod. It enables you to capture more dynamic movement with enhanced smoothness and swiftness. Along with that, it offers tips and tutorial guides for first-time users or content producers to create with ease.

To learn more about the DJI OM5, check out our in depth product overview here.

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How to use DJI OM5 for TikTok and IG Reels Content Creation | D1 Lounge

Using the DJI OM5 for Social Media Content Creation

Ideal for versatile shooting scenarios and on-the-go recording, the DJI OM5 is perfectly suited for social media content creation with a whole host of handy features that make capturing content a breeze. Let’s dive in and break them down.


For those who have no videography or content production experience whatsoever, the DJI OM5 can do the work for you with their awesome ShotGuides feature which provides templates and videography tips to shoot a variety of short clips. It features an automatic environment recogniser which assists creators with ways to improve their shots while being incredibly user-friendly allowing easy compilation of selected videos for you to instantly share online.

Intelligent Shooting Modes  

In addition, the OM5 also has Intelligent Shooting Modes which lets you capture different styles of content. There are 8 different Shooting Modes but I will focus on the few that in my opinion will revolutionise your Tiktok or reel.

ActiveTrack 4.0

Starting off with ActiveTrack 4.0 this mode tracks your subject and keeps them in focus and in frame so you don’t have to worry about being out-of-focus when recording hilarious meme-worthy moments.

Timelapse / Hyperlapse

Timelapse and hyperlapse allows you to record the passage of time while capturing the dynamic movement of the environment around you. There are so many creative ways you can use these two modes but I would think creating content in public spaces would look super epic.

Hands-Free Operation  

Another way you can utilise the OM5 is by not even touching it! The gimbal has a tripod base which lets you record stationary content completely hands-free. This is a great way to record demonstrational tutorials ranging from learning clips illustrating how to do make-up, cook build… the list goes on to more entertaining videos of yourself or others hopping on a dance trend or a skit trend. Folding up the tripod base lengthens your gimbal and extending the neck transforms it into a selfie stick for you to vlog or take selfies.

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How to use DJI OM5 for TikTok and IG Reels Content Creation | D1 Lounge

Perfect Your Transitions  

Now let’s talk about transitioning. If you want to create super-smooth continuous videos, you'll want to learn all about transitioning. No one wants to watch poorly cut videos nor do you want to be basic and have mediocre content. Transitioning well will help you stand out from the millions of other content producers on social media.

There are various movement shots embedded in DJI Mimo app that offer various ways to make eye-catching shots. One of which is the spinshot which allows you to record in continuous rotation simply with the push of a button. That means you don’t ever have to awkwardly twist your arm for a sick clip again! The stabilisation function of the OM5 is amazing for preventing shaky recordings, so together with the auto align function and a little bit of editing you can create seamless transitions from one clip to another like a pro.

There is almost no excuse to not be able to produce amazing clips using the OM5… only kidding, but the OM 5 definitely makes recording so much more effortless and exciting. Together with the preset modes and functionalities of the OM5 and a bit of creative inspiration, the skys the limit for your clip to go viral.

How to use DJI OM5 for TikTok and IG Reels Content Creation | D1 Lounge

Where can I buy the DJI OM5?

Keen to get started with your Tiktok and reels? You can purchase the OM5 on the D1 Store, Australia’s first and only DJI Authorised Retailer.

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The new and improved DJI OM5 helps you unleash your creativity and master every shot in a portable, palm-sized design. Allowing you to achieve flawless smartphone stabilisation and execute creative ideas, the OM5 is packed full of features to help you create awesome videos. The new built-in extension rod offers new possibilities for storytelling and is perfect for selfies!

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