DJI Care Refresh: The Ultimate Guide

We’re answering our most frequently asked questions about DJI Care Refresh in this updated 2023 guide to the DJI Care Refresh service plan, exploring its ins and outs to see if it's right for you!

What is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive service plan that covers product repairs, replacements and more, allowing you to enjoy your DJI product with greater peace of mind wherever you go. With the DJI Care Refresh, you will receive a prioritised replacement service for all types of damage, including accidental water damage.

DJI Care Refresh provides users with peace of mind as they create, allowing customers to make multiple repair or replacement claims in the event of any accidental product damage occurring. These repair claims are set at a fixed cost so there are never any hidden fees or surprises and you’ll have access to multiple claims depending on your coverage period. The care program minimises downtime to help you get back to creating in as little time as possible, whether you’re flying a Mavic or vlogging with an Osmo.

DJI Care Refresh is available by default in 1 Year and 2 Year plans. Pilots seeking additional coverage can pair a 1 Year and 2 Year coverage licence to receive a total coverage period of 36 months.

What Does DJI Care Refresh Cover?

Drone + Handheld Repairs and Replacements

Care Refresh covers practically all product damage. Regardless of how it may have come about. Crashes, scratches, drops, breaks and more are all covered. And yes, water damage is covered too! Essentially, if something nasty has happened to your product, you’ll be able to get it repaired via DJI Care Refresh.

In order to make a repair claim, you’ll need to ship the physically broken product back to DJI - even if it's in pieces. All repairs come with a standardised flat rate repair fee, so that you’re paying the same repair fee, whether it's your first claim or your last.

1 Year Care Refresh plans provide up to two repair claims in a 12 month period.
2 Year Care Refresh plans provide up to four repair claims in a 24 month period.

Flyaway Coverage

DJI Flyaway covers the rare scenario of your drone being unretrievable after going missing during flight, providing you with a replacement drone. You can make one Flyaway claim in exchange for one replacement credit. Your drone must be pre-bound to your DJI remote controller in order to claim DJI Flyaway.

1 Year Care Refresh plans provide one Flyaway claim in a 12 month period.
2 Year Care Refresh plans provide up to two Flyaway claims in a 24 month period.

Please note: Flyaway coverage is exclusive to DJI drones and does not apply to other products like the Osmo Action or RS Series gimbals which simply cannot ‘fly away’. DJI Flyaway was first introduced in 2021 and does not cover all DJI drones, however, all drones that have been released since Flyaway was first introduced are covered.

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Rewards for Safe Use

A bonus component of Care Refresh coverage is ‘rewards for safe use’. What does this entail? Essentially, for all eligible products with active Care Refresh coverage, you’ll be rewarded with an additional year of factory warranty should you not make any replacement claims in a 12 month period. This means that if you purchase and pair a one-year Care Refresh plan and end up not needing any repair claims, you’ll get an additional 12 months of warranty for safely using your product!

How Does Care Refresh Work?

DJI Care Refresh is available to all DJI product owners and can be purchased for a small set fee. Simply purchase and pair DJI Care Refresh with your new DJI product as you can go about using your DJI product as per usual.

In the unfortunate event of a drone crash or flyaway, there’s no need to panic since you’re fully covered by Care Refresh! Simply file a Care Refresh claim, pay your repair or flyaway fee and you’ll be sent a prepaid shipping label to help you send your product to your nearest DJI repair centre. That's right, DJI covers all shipping costs required by your Care Refresh claim!

Once received, authorised DJI technicians will inspect, repair or replace your product and have it shipped back to you. Once your repaired or replaced drone arrives at your door, pair it with your controller and get back to flying just like normal!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is!

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Is My DJI Product Eligible for Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is available for all Australian pilots. Your product is eligible for Care Refresh provided it meets these three key criteria:

▪ It is a brand brand new unactivated product
▪ The product has been activated for less than 48 hours (drones) or 30 days (handhelds)
▪ Your product is genuine Australian stock

All new DJI products purchased from D1 Store are eligible for DJI Care Refresh coverage.

How Much is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh pricing varies from product to product. Generally speaking, the cost of a one year Care Refresh plan will equate to about 10% of the retail purchase price for drones and even less for handhelds! Check out pricing for DJI Care Refresh coverage and claims in the tables below.

Product 1 Year Plan 2 Year Plan Replacement Fee Flyaway Fee
DJI Mini 4 Pro $119 $189 $99 $345
DJI Mini 3 Pro $119 $189 $99 $345
DJI Mini 3 $85 $135 $69 $249
DJI Mini 2 SE $59 $95 $49 $185
DJI Air 3 $169 $289 $149 $559
DJI Air 2S $169 $279 $199 $849
DJI Mavic 3 Pro $349 $559 $229 $1039
DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine $519 $869 $349 $1699
DJI Mavic 3 Classic $239 $389 $199 $809
DJI Mavic 3 $349 $559 $289 $319
DJI Mavic 3 Cine $529 $889 $449 $499
DJI Avata $85 $145 $75 $279
DJI FPV $319 $519 $339 NA


Product 1 Year Plan 2 Year Plan Replacement Fee
Osmo Mobile 6 $14 $24 $14
Osmo Mobile SE $12 $19 $12
Osmo Action 4 $39 $59 $29
Osmo Action 3 $35 $49 $29
DJI Pocket 2 $49 $79 $49
DJI RS3 Pro $129 $209 $105
DJI RS3 $79 $129 $65
DJI RS3 Mini $55 $85 $45

Where to buy DJI Care Refresh in Australia

DJI Care Refresh for all DJI products can be purchased from D1 Store - Australia’s First & Only DJI Authorised Retailer. Purchase in-store at one of many flagship locations around Australia or buy online for free shipping in Australia on orders over $99.

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