Make The Most Of Your Spring & Summer With The Action 3

The new Osmo Action 3 is here and what better time to get your hands on one than right when the weather’s really starting to crank up. Let's have a look at how you can use this gem of a gadget to make the most of spring and summer.

What Is The Action 3?

Improved from previous models, the Action 3 is DJI’s new ultimate action camera for capturing all your daily adventures. It features a 4K/120fps super-wide FOV camera and a dual screen structure to enable vlogging and setting change convenience. What’s unique to this model is the awesome waterproof body which, by the way, has the best rating amongst other action cameras on the market, that enables use of up to 16m underwater. If you want to swim further down, functionality of up to depths of 60m is also enabled with the attachment of the Action 3 Waterproof Case.

Standard to the previous model, the Osmo Action 3 continues to embody the well loved HorizontalSteady EIS and RockSteady features to stabilise recordings for smoother footage. As well, the Action 3 has a built-in colour temperature sensor that enhances footage to deliver perfect colour accuracy.

The design of the Action 3 is slightly larger and unibodied with no modulars unlike the previous model providing it with more sufficient space to reduce overheating. This is perfect as overheating is definitely a concern especially for usage in the upcoming warmer weather. The body is also embedded with concealed microphones capable of recording extremely clear audio for moments where sound matters just as much as visuals.

Make The Most of your Spring & Summer With the Action 3 | D1 Lounge

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How Can I Use The Action 3 For Spring And Summer Activities?

Water Activities

Since the Action 3 is now designed to be totally waterproof, remembering your participation in water-activities are no longer limited to your own memories! Make the most of the warmer half of the year and take the Osmo Action 3 into the water to record your most enjoyable adventures. Head down to the beach, have a swim, have a dive or board with the Osmo Action 3 attached to your body or even on the side of your surfboard to capture perspective footage so you can relive the moment whenever you want. Attachment styles aren’t limited to just these parts, wherever you wish to attach your camera, your wish is only limited by the accessories you equip yourself with. What's even better is that the accessories not only from the Action 2, but from older generation Osmo Action are all compatible with the Action 3 giving you more than ever before a wider range of accessories for all situations.

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Usage of the waterproof casing furthermore extends your possibilities to capture awesome underwater footage. If you're scuba diving, you can finally unlock the wonders of the diverse life under our shores or even if you're fishing, you now have the option of attaching the Osmo 3 to various equipment pieces such as your net to spy on the unique critters that exists on the bottom of the sea.

Dry Land Activities

More of a dry land activity person and enjoy hiking or biking under the sun? Again you can use the D1 Ecosystem to attach your Action 3 to any piece of equipment you want to capture the action packed adventures with security. Or if you’re not a physical activity person at all and would rather take a relaxing picnic with your friends in the blooming gardens this Spring, set up your Action 3 with a handsfree tripod to focus more on the moment rather than capturing the moment. The extensive compatibility of the gadget gives you endless ways to capture content anywhere you go, and with anything you do.

Make The Most of your Spring & Summer With the Action 3

The action 3 is also released together with a whooping 1.5m extension rod that's for capturing the most inclusive selfies ever! From that distance away, you can include groups of people into a single shot or capture the amazing scenery behind you. Never be limited by the length of your arm again.

Northern Hemisphere

If you’re located on the alternative hemisphere of the world and are coming into the winter seasons instead, you could most definitely still use the Action 3 to capture content in the cold. Like never seen before the Action 3 features cold resistant qualities enabling its functionality even at conditions under freezing point. This means if it’s snow season for you, the Action 3 should be your trusty new companion for taking along to more wet and cold conditions.

Make The Most of your Spring & Summer With the Action 3

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Where can I buy the DJI Osmo Action 3?

Ready to be the first to get your hands on this brand new and revolutionary action camera? The DJI Action 3 Combos are officially available for purchase from D1 Store, Australia’s first and only DJI Authorised Retailer. Choose between the Standard Combo or the Adventure Combo according you the accessories you wish to equip your camera with. 

  • DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store
  • DJI Osmo Action 3
  • Standard Combo

DJI Osmo Action 3 | Standard Combo  | $519

An iconic design makes its long-awaited return on the new DJI Osmo Action 3 camera. Built for daredevils, thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies and your inner adventurer, the DJI Osmo Action 3 takes your favourite features from the original Osmo Action and the DJI Action 2 and combines them for the ultimate action camera experience. 

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  • DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store
  • DJI Osmo Action 3
  • Adventure Combo

DJI Osmo Action 3 | Adventure Combo  | $719

Similar to the Fly More Combos offered for DJI drones, the Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo is filled with additional accessories to help you get the most out of the Action 3. Additional accessories include 1.5m Extension Rod, two more Extreme Batteries, a Multifunctional Battery Case and more!

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The new DJI Osmo Action 3 Combos are available now in-store and online at D1 Store! Purchase online and receive free shipping in Australia for all orders over $99!

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