Want to mount an iPad to Mavic Pro/Air or Spark Controller?


The bigger the screen, the more detail you can observe and appreciate from your drone's perspective as you fly in real-time. The Mavic Pro/Air and Spark Controllers respectively accommodate phones/tablets up to 160mm long, and 6.5-8.5mm in thickness. A screen that is larger than these dimensions will require a PGYTECH Pad Holder (for Spark and Mavic Pro, Platinum, and Air), which can support screens up to dimensions of 120mm - 190mm.


The PGYTECH pad holder is like no other pad holder in the market, it’s both budget conscious and has a class leading build quality. With an extra smooth CNC aluminium housing, the holder is very durable. You can adjust the pad holder in every direction and has a non-intrusive design. This is designed to be portable and ensures you don’t miss any details when flying!


Purchase one today: PGYTECH Pad Holder


Do you want a brighter AND bigger screen?

You can utilise a DJI Crystal Sky monitor (which are either 5.5 inches or 7.85 inches - the larger size comes in an Ultra Brightness version also) which are clearly visible in sunlight. It can be mounted to your Mavic Pro or Spark Controller with the DJI Mavic/Spark Remote Controller Mounting Bracket (Spare Part NO.5). All of these items are available to purchase at D1 Store. Immersive yourself in the detail of a bigger, brighter screen today!


Click here to learn more: CrystalSky Store Page

Written by DJI specialist: Sara