Using the Action 2 for daily Vlogs

Welcome to my vlog… I mean, blog! Here we will be discussing how you can use your Action 2 to vlog awesome daily videos with ease. There will be a run through of all the various accessories for vlogging different types of daily activities so if you're ready to up your vlogging game, keep on reading!

What is the Action 2?

The Action 2 inspired by the original DJI Osmo Action is an all-in-one camera that comes in the option of supporting a Dual Screen or Power Combo base. Enhanced with all the best features of the Osmo Action, the Action 2 offers an incredible camera experience with more versatility and innovation in design for effortless use.

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What’s new?

Designed with a unibody aluminum waterproof shell the Action 2 incorporates a 4K/120fps camera along with a new super wide 155 FOV function enabling you to capture encaptivating ultra-wide shots. It’s packed with advanced features like the HorizonSteady, an electronic image stabilisation technology that guarantees your recordings to never be shaky again. Your viewers will never get dizzy watching you undertake your daily haps again. Now more lightweight, small and designed to accommodate the Magnetic Lanyard or Headbead, the device opens doors to record in FPV (First Person Video) while offering maximised portability potential.

Using the Action 2 for daily Vlogs

How can I use the Action 2 for Vlogs?

There are so many ways to record a vlog, but whichever way you decide to go about it, the DJI Action 2 will be able to accommodate your style. Let’s see what style of recording each module would be perfect for.

Dual Screen Combo  

As most would agree, using the Dual Screen option to record your Vlogs would be most ideal if you want to record with yourself in the picture. With the Front Touchscreen adding an additional front-facing OLED display you can easily change your video settings on the fly as well as see in real-time exactly what you are recording. This dual screen makes your life easier as you would never need to flip around the camera to record yourself without being unaware of where you are framed. Using this module is ideal for vlogging in selfie mode and capturing real life expressions and emotions to the activity being undertaken.

Power Combo  

If you are someone who never wants to miss out on the action and must have all the best moments recorded, this module is the one for you. Offering up to 180 mins of battery life, you have an additional 20 mins extra recording time compared to the Dual Screen Combo. They say a little goes a long way. This extra length of time can ensure all memorable moments are captured without you crying for more recording time.

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Using the Action 2 for daily Vlogs

DJI Accessories

For those who love to vlog their travels, grabbing a couple accessories will ensure your adventures will be captured with ease. This way you can worry less on capturing the moment and focus more on immersing yourself in the fun.

The new form of the Action 2 is designed to accommodate a range of accessories from lens to protective equipment to a range of mounts and hand grips. In my opinion, if you plan on undertaking more intensive activities such as hiking or surfing, having the Magnetic Headband or the Chest Mount is perfect for capturing your perspective while giving you the hands free option to explore and focus on the adventure. If you want something to make your device more holdable, options like the RC Extension Rod and Floating Handle are available for multipurpose use in and out of water.

The Action 2 also comes embedded with a 4-mic DJI Matrix Stereo possible for capturing super clear audio meaning, thankfully you don't need to travel or go about your day with the inconvenience of carrying along an extra piece of equipment. This does not exclude the fact that in the event you want to have more precise and quality audio, that nothing is available. The Action 2 is compatible with the DJI Mic Wireless Microphone which is an external microphone capable of capturing high-quality audio recording for on-the-go.

Just A Few More Accessories…

You're probably sick of me going on about all the accessories available by now but there's one more factor to consider when using your Action 2 for daily vlogging, and that is how to protect your Action 2. Imagine the craze your Action 2 goes through recording your various daily activities, your device is bound to obtain scratches and damage. Personally, I would get at least the Magnetic Protective Case, the Protective Tempered Glass Film and a Protective Carrying Case so I’ve got all bases covered for use and portation but there are so many more protective options according to your lifestyle and adventures. A Waterproof Casing is also available for those underwater explorers allowing you to dive up to 60m underwater! There's really an accessory for all your adventurous needs.

Also, don’t forget that if you go too hard with your vlogging adventures and end up totaling your device, the Care Refresh option enables prioritised replacement service for only a small fee. This means you would never need to take the ‘daily’ out of your daily vlogs again. I wouldn’t even question how worth this investment is.

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Towards the end of the day once you're ready to edit your recordings, the compatibility of the Action 2 with the DJI Mimo app provides all your editing needs on the convenience of your phone meaning you also don’t need to carry around your laptop when you're travelling.

Using the Action 2 for daily Vlogs

Where can I buy the Action 2

Ready to get started with your vlogging adventures? Visit the D1 Store, Australia’s first and only DJI Authorised Retailer to get your hands on the Action 2 and all of it’s accessories now.

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DJI Action 2 Power Combo | $559

Ready for action? The all-new, redesigned DJI Action 2 borrows the best parts of the original Osmo Action and takes them to the next level in a new versatile form factor. With a 4k/120fps camera, the Action 2 packs a punch and is perfect for capturing your next adventure. With its innovative magnetic design, you can effortlessly customise accessories to suit your shooting needs - simply snap and go!

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  • DJI Action 2 | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store
  • DJI Action 2
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DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo | $559

Redesigned from the ground up to provide an all-new, versatile action camera experience, the DJI Action 2 delivers unparalleled performance in every action scenario. The Action 2 packs a bunch, combining a 4K/120fps camera with an innovative new magnetic design, allowing you to effortlessly attach accessories to capture your creativity in the city, by the beach, in the sky or even in FPV.

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