VIC Retail Reopening | 30th October 2021

Welcome back Victoria! We've missed you so, so much! Our Victorian teams are excited to re-open and welcome you back into our stores where you can check out all the latest DJI products! We're pumped to get back out into the field to try all the latest DJI products and hope you are too! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our team throughout the recent lockdown by sending kind words, ordering online, and attending our online workshops! We greatly appreciate your support during this challenging time.

Our Victorian stores will be reopening at the following times:

Chadstone Friday 29 October 6PM
The Glen Saturday 30 October 10AM
Melbourne Central Saturday 30 October 10AM
Brunswick Monday 1 November 10AM

If you can't make it into one of our stores at this time we're still offering free delivery within Australia for all orders over $99!

What's new since we've been gone?

DJI Action 2

Ready for action? The all-new, redesigned DJI Action 2 borrows the best parts of the original Osmo Action and takes them to the next level in a new versatile form factor. With a 4k/120fps camera, the Action 2 packs a punch and is perfect for capturing your next adventure. With its innovative magnetic design, you can effortlessly customise accessories to suit your shooting needs - simply snap and go!

The Action 2 is more versatile than ever before, with support for a range of accessories including the magnetic lanyard and remote control extension rod. Plus with versatile shooting modes and DJI Mimo app integration, producing stand-out content is easier than ever.

Learn more about the new DJI Action 2 with our Action 2 overview

Want to know how it compares to the Osmo Action? Check out our Osmo Action Comparison Guide.

DJI Action 2 - Buy Now | D1 Store


The new and improved DJI OM5 Athens Grey helps you unleash your creativity and master every shot in a portable, palm-sized design. Allowing you to achieve flawless smartphone stabilisation and execute creative ideas, the OM5 is packed full of features to help you create awesome videos. The new built-in extension rod offers new possibilities for storytelling and is perfect for selfies!

Learn more about the new DJI OM5 with our OM5 overview

See how the OM5 stacks up against other Osmo Mobile's with our DJI OM Comparison Guide

DJI OM5 - Buy Now | D1 Store

DJI Ronin 4D

The DJI Ronin 4D 6K is a culmination of DJI's most advanced technologies, both hardware and software, that enables not only solo cinematographers but a whole team to film efficiently and at the highest quality. The new Zenmuse X9-6K has an impressive 14+ stops of dynamic range, shoots RAW 6K at 60fps & 4K at 120fps, and has internal calibrated ND Filters to quickly adjust exposure on the fly. This new system is designed around efficiency, integrations, and performance.

Check out all the new features of the Ronin 4D in our Ronin 4D overview


The PGYTech MantisPod is an essential content creation tool and is compatible with DJI OSMO Action, smartphones and other compatible cameras. Made of sturdy aluminum, the MantisPod has six easy-to-use modes to adapt to your specific filmmaking needs.

Learn all about how you can use the MantisPod to make awesome videos with our MantisPod overview.

PGYTech MantisPod - Buy Now | D1 Store


The DJI OM 4 SE (Osmo Mobile 4 SE) is designed to help you capture life's extraordinary moments with perfectly framed, smooth and in-focus videos. This foldable smartphone gimbal stabilizer is designed to complement your smartphone, allowing you to start recording right away without needing to worry about getting the balance 100% right. Enjoy intelligent features such as Gesture Control, ActiveTrack 3.0, Story Mode and Quick Roll. This mobile gimbal is the ultimate solution for sharing your best moments with the world.

Find out more about the OM4 SE with our OM4 SE overview.

How is this different from the OM4? Find out in our head-to-head OM4 comparison.

DJI OM4 SE - Buy Now | D1 Store

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