UGREEN Accessories: Available Now at D1 Store

Exciting news! We’re now stocking a variety of UGREEN’s popular power banks, adapters and more at D1 Store online and in-store. With smartphones and laptops playing such an integral part in everyone’s creative process, it's more important than ever to make sure your phone and laptop accessories are a priority, not just an afterthought. Check out the new range below!


  • 75cm Drone Landing Pad | D1UGREEN USB-C 10 in 1 Multifunction Adapter Store
  • UGREEN USB-C 10 in 1 Multifunction Adapter

USB-C 10 in 1 Multifunction Adapter | $129

Say goodbye to endless dongles and hello to easy adapting with the all in one UGREEN USB-C Multifunction Adapter. This 10 in 1 adapter provides support for multiple media storage formats and multiple display output options including HDMI, VGA and RJ45. With this all in one adapter, you’ll be prepared for any situation.

  • PGYTECH Lenspen | D1 Store
  • UGREEN USB-C to USB 3.0 A Female Adapter

USB-C to USB 3.0 OTG Adapter | $19

Need a quick and easy adapter solution for your laptop or tablet? OTG adapter to the rescue! This compact adapter is ideal for transferring files from a flash drive and an essential part of any tech kit.

Power Banks

  • Drone Pilot Gift Pack | D1 Store
  • 20000mAh Power Bank

20000mAh Power Bank | $99

Charge your gadgets on the go with UGREEN’s 20000mAh power bank. With 20W power delivery, you’ll even be able to charge smaller drones including the DJI Mini 2 and Mini SE! That’s not all, this power bank can also be used to power Osmo series products including the Action 2, Pocket 2 and OM5.

  • Samsung 128GB SD Card | D1 Store
  • 10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank

10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank | $79

Charge your devices at lightning fast speeds with UGREEN’s 10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank. With support for simultaneous device charging and ultrafast charging, this power bank will have your gadgets juiced up and ready to go in no time.

Phone Accessories

  • DJI Mini Bag + | D1 Store
  • Fast Car Charger

Fast Car Charger | $39

Charging on the go has never been more convenient than with the UGREEN Fast Car Charger. Designed with two USB power ports for simultaneous multi-device charging the Fast Car Charger supports faster device charging than even many wall adapters, delivering up to 18W of charging power per port!
  • Drone Pilot Essentials Kit | D1 Store
  • UGREEN Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger | $39

Being restricted by a cable is the worst, luckily with the UGREEN Wireless Charger you can charge your Qi enabled devices at your convenience, all without a cable holding you back. With 15W power output you’ll experience fast wireless charging like never before!

  • D1 Multifunctional Backpack | D1 Store
  • Air Vent Mount Phone Holder

Air Vent Mount Phone Holder | $29

Hate not having a proper spot to place your phone in the car? We do too! With the UGREEN Air Vent Mount Phone Holder, your phone will be safe and secure throughout your entire journey. This phone holder is compatible with most modern smartphones and supports phones ranging from 4.7 to 7” in size.

Tech Accessories

  • Tello | D1 Store
  • 10L Waterproof Backpack

10L Waterproof Backpack | $29

Store your goods on the go with the UGREEN 10L Backpack with IPX6 waterproofing! This adjustable waterproof bag is the best way to keep your gear safe when around water. It even floats when in water so that your valuables are protected even when you’re separated from the backpack.

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