Struggling to find a gift for someone who in love with drones?
This article is dedicated to you! We’ve got a range of different options available for the drone lovers that are all fit under the $50 budget.

Mavic Pad Holder- $35

DJI Christmas Gift Pad Holder

Make their lives easier with the pad holder. 

Sometimes flying with a phone can get tiresome with all the incoming calls, notifications and alarms. You also have a much smaller screen to see the view and to get your framing right.

With the tablet holder, the gift recipient can now use one of their tablets instead of their phone! This holder is sturdy and will fit tablets up to 11”. This can also fit the Samsung Fold!

This is a must have accessory for every drone flyer.

Landing Pad 75CM- $15

DJI Christmas Sale Landing Pad

One item that is commonly looked over is the landing pad. All the drones have feet, however this does not guarantee protection and definitely does not protect the drone from smaller particles such as dust and dirt. A Landing pad is designed to protect the bottom sensors such as the infrared and optical sensors. Furthermore, the landing pads help with precision landing by providing a contrasting landing zone.

Universal RemoteController Lanyard - $25

Holding the controllers for the life of the battery and be a bit of a work out especially with the phantoms and Mavic 2. The controller lanyard helps with reducing the weight of the remote controller, allowing for a more control and prolonged flight.

LIPO BatterySafe Bag - $16

LIPO batteries are densely packed with energy and need to be stored correctly and safely to prevent any unwanted damage. These bags are designed to reduce the chances of damage in the event of a LIPO and are an easy way to carry your batteries on planes.

Memory Card Case(Silver) - $20

The memory cards the drones use are the micro-SD standard, meaning they are very small and can be easily lost if not stored correctly. This case helps store up to 8 SD cards easily and in a very nice build quality. Definitely recommended when travelling.

Gift Card - $50

DJI Store Gift Card

The gift to get when you don’t know what gift to get! These gift cards are perfect for any drone lover. These cards can be spent at any of our 7 stores across Australia.

Monitor Hood forPhone - $35

When the sun is out, the glare and reflection off the screen overwhelms the screen brightness. This makes it really difficult to see the application and get the framing right. This monitor hood for a phone allows you to use your phone without any issue at all. It works with all the latest smartphones!