Top 5 Accessories for your DJI Spark!

1. Portable Charging Station

This portable charging station stores your Spark and charges up to three batteries for 48 minutes of extra flying! So, you've always got a charged battery even when you're on the move!
This high capacity mobile charging station is absolutely perfect for travelling, it charges in just 1 hour and 35 minutes and also can charge your mobile device with its inbuilt USB output.
Bundle this with the DJI Portable Charging station bag and you are set for your next adventure.

2. Spark Intelligent Flight Battery 

With a maximum flight time of 16 minutes, it is quintessential to have more than 1 battery in your drone arsenal. Having an extra two to three batteries mean you can stay in the air for longer, increase your enjoyment and reduces stress of not having enough batteries for your planned.
Do NOT buy non-genuine batteries for your Spark, they will void your warranty.


3. PGYTECH Hand Guard

These guards allow you to safely take-off and land the Spark on your hand, giving you the confidence you need.
Not only do they have a fantastic integrated airframe, they are also super lightweight so they won't affect your flight time. 
You can also use these hand guards when using your DJI propeller guards.

4. PGYTECH Safety Carring Case

Keep your Spark, remote controller, batteries and other accessories protected with this hard carry case.
With waterproof rating of IP67 and a thermal rating of -40oC to +80oC, this safety case is perfect for adventuring on the go.
Made from impact engineering PP plastic, its extremely durable and has an auto pressure valve which automatically releases inner built-up air pressure and keeps the water out. This safety case is definitely the best bang for your buck!


5. PGYTECH Spark Landing Gear Risers

Take-off and land on any terrain with these landing gear risers! The raise of 35mm will help prevent any damage and scratches to the bottom facing positioning sensors and the gimbal. They are very quick to install with soft cushion pads to decrease vibrations and are designed to be used in the air with minimal impact to your Spark's flight.

Written by DJI specialist: Charlotte