Top 5 Accessories for your DJI Mavic Air!

  1. ND Filters

Getting a set of filters for your Mavic air is an amazing way to step up your video and photo production. All the lens alter your shots in different ways so it is essential to bring a selection with you to make sure you can capture the best possible shot. We strongly recommend the 6 Filter Set by Pgytech Which includes and ND 4,8,16,32 UV And CPL.

Here is a brief description of how the different filters effect your image:

UV (Ultraviolet) Filter:   UV filters block out ultraviolet light and removes the blue cast when shooting in sunny conditions. 


CPL (Circular Polarizer): Removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass and glare from the sun. It increases colour saturation, creating deep, rich scenic images.


Neutral Density Filter (ND4 ND8 ND16 ND 32): Great for outdoor scenes in strong sunlight. ND filters reduce the amount of light reaching the camera sensor without affecting the colour. It can be used to apply slower shutter speeds under strong sunlight exposure and allows wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field. The higher the ND rating the less light is let in.


Graduated Grey: Keep perfect exposure of the sky and ground at the same time, perfect for shooting cloudy skies, sunrises and sunsets.


Graduated Blue:  Maintains the blue colour of the sky and strengthens the sky cloud effect while not influencing the rest of the image.


Graduated Red:  Makes red scenery more vibrant, great for shooting Autumn leaves and morning evening glows. 

Graduated Orange: Maintain fuller colours and a more vibrant view of sunsets and sunrises.

2. Lens Hood

The PGYTECH Lens Hood blocks light from entering the lens at multiple angles, reducing glare and improving image quality. It also adds extra protection around your camera ensuring you can keep the most valuable part of your drone protected and with a weight of only 3 grams it will have no noticeable effect on flight time.

3. Safety Carrying Case

The Safety Carrying Case for Mavic Air is designed to protect your Mavic Air and accessories in a durable, waterproof and air-tight safety carrying case. It comes in 2 sizes ensuring you can protect your drone no matter how much room you have.

4.  Landing Gear Extensions for Mavic Air

The Pgytech Mavic Air Landing Gear Extensions are designed to raise your drone off the ground, keeping it away from dirt, dust, and sand. Fantastic for taking off in uneven surfaces as it always keeps your camera further away from the ground ensuring its protected.

5. DJI Car Charger
The last essential piece of kit before you set off on an adventure with your Mavic air is a car charger. Bringing it with you ensures that you never have to worry about running out of juice on your next adventure with your Mavic air. It’s also compatible with the Mavic Air multi charging hub so you can seamlessly charge up all your batteries.

Written by DJI specialist: Macgregor