Top 3 gifts for Kids this Christmas!

Tello- $129

A fantastic entry point into the world of droning, just weighing just 80 g, Tello is a mini bundle of joy. Behind the impressively small and sturdy frame is an intelligent drone that’s packed with powerful flight capabilities and the reliability found across all DJI drones. With 13 minutes of flight time per battery, this drone has everything goes for it! Chinese startup Ryze Tech has collaborated with Intel and DJI to produce an innovative drone that can be controlled from the touch of a smartphone. (IOS and Android are supported!)

For those whom are new to drones, Tello makes flying safe and easy. This drone is so much better than any other drone on the market at this price point, if you had a budget of $100, the extra $29 is worth every dollar. The Industry-leading DJI flight technology is combined with intuitive controls to provide an impressive flight experience and if you do happen to crash, no stress, just fire it back up and It will continue to fly! Included features and tricks sre as Throw & Go, 8 directional flips and bounce mode. The Tello is simply a bundle of fun that is ideal for those new to the world of drones. If you’re child has played any games whether on the phone or on a console, they will pick-up how to fly within a heartbeat, it really is that simple! It is the new generation of RC cars.

The Tello is equipped with a 5 MP camera, capable of taking stunning photos and videos. The durable design and expertly designed safety features make this a perfect drone for kids. It is always recommended to have the propeller guards on when flying, as they protect objects, the blades and most importantly the pilot!

Using Scratch – a computer language developed by MIT – kids can interactively learn basic coding skills and program the performance of the Tello at ease. Not only this, you can download an application called Drone blocks to use on your phone/tablet and program from there!

Discover the world of flying. Grab the Tello for $129, which comes with a set of Propeller Guards, a Battery, and more.

Spark- $559

If they already own a cheap drone or want to take a leap into the world of droning, the spark is a fantastic option for young drone enthusiasts. DJI’s Spark offers a brilliant combination of intelligent drone features that will empower even the bravest of adventurers. The mini drone is equipped with DJI’s trademark technologies, creating an incredibly powerful drone tucked away behind an impressively sturdy frame.

With 16 minutes of flight time, obstacle avoidance and a 2km transmission range, the spark is a seriously impressive drone for the price. The Spark is also equipped with return to home, which essentially at the touch of a button, will increased/decrease its altitude to 30m (can be changed) and will fly in one direct line to the initial home point (the home point that is recorded on the app). This provides a safer flying experience, especially when the battery is running low, the drone will automatically return to home, reducing stress and worry. Not only this, the drone will return to home if it is going out of range. All these smart features make the spark one of the best drones for young flyers, oh and you can use hand gestures to control it!

With the time it takes to take your cellphone out of your pocket, Spark can get safely in the air, thanks to PalmLaunch, which makes taking off incredibly easy. Equipped with gesture recognition modes, Spark will follow and obey your every command. Thanks to a stunning camera, which can shoot 12 MP photos and video at 1080p at 30 fps, Spark is suitable for holiday adventures and capturing those great family moments. If you are a parent and you struggle to get your daughter/son off the couch and out of the house, this is the perfect solution of them!

Never miss another moment again. Spark and controller is available for $599. For a truly immersive adventure with no limits, we highly recommend the Spark Fly More Combo for US$759. The combo includes a charging hub, shoulder carry bag, extra Intelligent Flight Battery, Propeller Guards, and plenty more!


Osmo Mobile 2 - $189

If your son or daughter as the latest smartphone and are into videoing themselves, a very common trend these days, the Osmo Mobile 2 is the best gift you can give them to help with their filming. Daughters will love the active tracking in selfie mode, perfect for vlogging especially around Christmas time and the summer break. Sons will love the ability to create cinematic moments during Christmas, whether that be at the beach, around town or exploring a new place. The Osmo Mobile 2 is the perfect companion for their smartphone.

A battery life of 15 hours gives them more than enough time to play around with it and get a fantastic shot, not only this, the fixed orientation mode and the selfie mode helps transforms everything. Personally, the Active Track mode is the most useful when vlogging, the mobile 2 will do its best to keep the subject in frame. The joystick allows users to change where the phone is facing which is extremely intuitive to use and can also change the speed settings.

The DJI GO app also has a built-in editor if they want to edit their videos on the go and then post onto Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. With the time-lapse ability, they can create an entire vlog from start to finish and mimic their favorite YouTube stars!