Top 3 Gifts for Her This Christmas!

Osmo Pocket - $599

Whether she is a food blogger, Instagram Influencer, traveler or a mum, the Osmo Pocket has endless possibilities. DJI’s Osmo Pocket is a very small and super steady 4K camera and helps transforms her everyday moments into a cinematic moment. This 3-axis stabilized camera packs a serious punch, it will shoot 4K videos (perfect if you’ve just upgraded to a new 4k TV) at 60 frames per second (some high-end DSLR cameras struggle to do this!!) all from a 12 MP sensor. There is a display on the back of the device to help with framing and allows access to a myriad of features. She can attach her latest smartphone (lightning or USB-C based devices) to the Osmo Pocket to allow for a bigger display and more functionalities.

Features she will love:

  • Active Track/Face Track

Active Track is one of the most used features, all she needs to do is tap on a subject and ActiveTrack intelligently follows, allowing her to have smooth, perfectly framed videos. This is fantastic for vlogging as the camera will maintain tracking on the face. The tracking is also perfect for recording kids when they are playing around, allowing you to focus more on the moment and not to worry about the framing. If you’re children are at a sports carnival at school or at a school assembly, you can ActiveTrack their movements to keep your framing on point.

  • Beautify Mode

The DJI Osmo Pocket, like most phones these days, has a beauty mode which will soften the skin and make the face more “aesthetically pleasing”.  

  • Selfie Mode

This is perfect for vlogging on the go and creating stories as the day goes on. If you are travelling, look no further than the Osmo Pocket as your main camera.

An integrated 4K camera and a suite of dedicated accessories make Osmo Pocket the perfect gift for every storyteller.


Osmo Mobile 2 - $189

If she already has the latest and greatest smartphone and looking to spend under $200 this Christmas; the Osmo Mobile 2 is the most compelling piece of equipment.

Whether its travel videos or instructional cooking videos, having a device that stabilizes footage makes a world of difference to vloggers. There is nothing worse than sharing an amazing moment, only for it to be ruined by shakes and random movements. The Osmo Mobile 2 is a handheld stabilizer that transforms good smartphone videos into excellent smooth cinematic footage. Featuring a portable design, intelligent functions, and a long-lasting battery, the Osmo Mobile 2 is a great gift for vloggers who want to capture the spirit of the holiday season. Active Track is available through the DJI GO app, you can track in selfie or normal mode, which makes the entire experience very easy!


Mavic Air - $1449

Reward her (and yourself) this Christmas with one of the of the hottest drones on the market, the Mavic Air. With the holiday season just around the corner, this is the perfect way to record and capture your holiday from a whole new perspective. Whether you are travelling along the coast, outback, urban city or perhaps a pacific island, the Mavic Air is without a doubt, the perfect travel companion.

She will love the Active Track and Quick Shot abilities, make her Instagram game great again. The Active track is intuitive and very easy to use, perfect if you are hiking, walking, running, skiing or on a nice cruise on a boat! As with most YouTubers, the Mavic Air is the preferred drone purely due to the size, quality and ease of use. This drone is seriously good fun.

No matter if she is a beginner drone flyer, hobbyist or a professional, the on board APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistant System), obstacle avoidance and VPS (Visual Positioning System) makes flying a breeze, it really is intuitive.

With heaps of impressive flight technology packed inside an aerodynamic chassis, the Mavic Air is an excellent choice for her this Christmas! The Mavic Air Fly Safer Combo is now the best combo, it includes a bunch of accessories (Three Intelligent Flight Batteries, Battery Charging Hub, Shoulder Carry Bag and More!) AND two years care refresh (click here to learn more) to help take your adventure one step further.