The Most Inspirational and Creative Drone Photos from 2019

This year was a different year on the Instagram landscape with new algorithms and new approaches from Instagram to remove the ability to see the likes on a photo. Furthermore, with a greater influx of drone photographers in the community, photographers need to try something different and more creative to stand out. 

The following photos are our personal favorites from 2019. 

djistoreau D1 Store Crocodile Photo from ally.photog

 "Continuing with the ‘marine life’ theme, I was so happy to spot this dude the other day. I have an obsession with crocs, they’re just super interesting! Did you know their eyes function best in low light? Their pupils open wide at this time and a layer of light reflecting crystals behind the retina enhances their night vision. These crystals cause the eye to shine red when caught in a torch. ."

D1store French Pink Lake Salt boyanoo


 Slick Pink Insane colourful place to visit and fly that drone in South of France

D1store Explosion of colour _tomnoske djistoreau


Explosion of colour

Western Australia Cape Levenque djistoreau D1store from.miles.away


Cape Leveque is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to shoot from the air. ⠀
The uniqueness of these colours so close together set it apart from any other coastal location in the world!

Djistoreau textures of svalbard d1store lukemaximobell


Textures of Svalbard

djistoreau kernow_from_above drone picture complimation


Meet Sand Snipe.
Her job is to dredge sand from the bottom of the camel estuary around Padstow Harbour making it safer for boats to navigate the channel

Merrwatson Perth djistore instagram top 20 photos esperence


..where dreams are made of..

djistoreau dreamcatcher d1store mavic 2 pro


Dreamcatcher — One of the transformative powers of art is to elevate the humble into a dream

djistoreau iceland gabornagy_photography d1 store


Unexplored. Untouched. Unbelievable.

Pablo Escobars Mavic 2 pro D1store djistore luxuryyachtfilms


Pablo Escobars drug plane wreck, sitting perfectly in a meter of water here in the Bahamas - one of the many iconic spots in the amazing Exumas

djistoreau d1store sprinkle cake spathumpa mavic 2 pro


Sprinkle Cake

djistoreau camels sand dunes am_irish Mavic 2 Pro DJI


Stockton Sand Dunes

sand rush UK kernow_from_above Mavic 2 Pro DJI djistoreau


Sand Rush

DJIstoreau james prince point from.miles.away mavic 2 pro dji djistoreau


Waking up at 3:50am to drive out to #JamesPricePoint for sunrise was made well worth it to watch this beautiful turtle wake up in the shallow water along the crumbling coastline of the Dampier Peninsula

mine ore copper djistoreau drone mavic 2 pro


Ochre - A wide variety of vivid minerals and stones are abundant in Coso, California. The surface provides a glimpse of the many layers of rich materials that are mined daily. This burst of color originates from the nearby dormant volcano that was once active thousands of years ago

djistoreau candyfloss instagram mavic 2 pro top shots 2019


Candy floss paddling pool

round djistoreau france djistoreau mavic 2 pro


Round and round we go

djistoreau japan mavic 2 pro best shots 2019


My Pink Kingdom

Playground from above djistoreau mavic 2 pro topdown shot


When i met you in the summer

BMW i8 by drone djistoreau mavic 2 pro


BMW i8