The Best DJI Gifts under $150

Struggling to find an appropriate gift for a family member or a loved one?

We’ve got two of the best DJI gifts under $150 that everyone will absolutely love.

With Christmas closing in fast, these products will sell like hot cakes so get in quick to your nearest DJI store!

Tello – for the drone flyer


Christmas Tello $129 Fun

The Tello has become the most recommended beginner drone in the community with plenty of raving reviews. The Tello encompasses a portable design, user-friendly controls, HD imaging, and Scratch programming all for an unforgettable Christmas experience.

Schools across Australia have been introducing these drones into the class room to boost their STEM and programming skills. If the person in mind is into technology, fun and problem solving, this is the perfect gift.

The photo quality is seriously impressive for a $129 drone with a 5MP camera, capturing photos up to 10m in height. There is no better drone around this price point.

Osmo Mobile 3 – For the creator


Christmas Osmo Mobile 3

Unfold the magic of Christmas with Osmo Mobile 3. This lightweight, foldable smartphone gimbal lets you take your adventure anywhere. Simply attach your smartphone into the holder and you’ve know got buttery smooth video footage, hyper lapses and impressive panoramas.

The best thing about the Osmo Mobile 3 is the Active Tracking. Simply draw a box over the subject you want to track and the gimbal will do the rest, it’s like magic! Capture your children running around the park, learning to ride the bike or even your pets running around the backyard!

If they’re into vlogging and content creation, this is the absolute perfect gift. It unlocks the potential of the smartphone camera turns them into a creative professional! Create social media hits effortlessly with Sport mode, Gesture Control, one-tap templates, and more!