Set a New Standard: New DJI PRO Product Coming Soon

DJI PRO users rejoice, a new product is coming soon, at least it seems that way based on the new teaser just released via the official DJI Twitter account. Want to learn more? Keep reading to get the low-down on all the latest.

Set a New Standard: New DJI PRO Product Coming Soon | D1 Lounge

What Do We Know?

Another day, another cryptic tweet from DJI. Coming hot off the heels of the hugely popular DJI Mini 3 Pro release, DJI looks like they’re gearing up for another hot release. As per usual, DJI is keeping tight-lipped, releasing only an event announcement prior to this new release. Take a look below.

The new event, dubbed Set a New Standard looks set to bring us a new addition to the DJI Pro lineup. Whilst we don’t know anything beyond this, there is some room for speculation. If you look closely, you’ll notice the word Ronin emblazoned on the middle shelf of the event graphic. What does this mean? A new RS3 camera gimbal perhaps? Or maybe the infamous DJI Focus system is making a return?

With the DJI Mini 3 Pro releasing just last month, we’d be incredibly surprised if a new drone was added to the DJI lineup. Plus, with new DJI additions to the DJI OM and Action product lines in just the past 9 months, we’d be shocked to see new additions in these categories so soon. With all that said, you never know with DJI, the tease of a new Ronin product might just be a red herring.

What new product do you think is coming? Let us know in the comments below!

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Set a New Standard: New DJI PRO Product Coming Soon | D1 Lounge

Where Can I Learn More?

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