RoboMaster S1 Build Guide - Education Taken To The Next Level

The RoboMaster S1 is an educational robot inspired by the DJI RoboMaster competition. The S1 offers comprehensive control and an immersive driving experience thanks to its omnidirectional mecanum wheels. Furthermore there is an FPV camera thats give the driver a low-latency feed straight to their device. Users can also target objects and battle other robots with the included blaster! 

The body of the robot is covered in armor with each piece having a hit detection module that can instantly detect physical hits and feeds right back to the user. The blaster provides a high-level of accuracy and stability due to it's 2-axis gimbal while the trajectory light gives users a realistic experience of where the gel bead will land. 

The intelligent controller is integrated with multiple systems including a game system, scratch programming and includes six smart modules; line recognition, vision maker recognition, person recognition, clapping recognition, gesture recognition and robot recognition. 

The S1 supports Scratch and Python programming. 

Opening The Box

RoboMaster Unboxing Opening the Box
The first layer contains the introduction manual as well as all the rollers for the Mecanum wheels.
Below this layer you will find the main components for the RoboMaster S1. 
At this point in time, it is best to take the battery out and place it on charge (this will activate the battery).
Also it is good practice to lay out the tools and the equipment pieces. 

Robomaster Components D1 Store

Ensure to count that all the pieces are there and to the correct number. 
Once you have checked that all the pieces are there, it is time to assemble the Mecanum wheels!