Product Overview: Mini 2 Charging Hub

DJI Mini 2 Charging Hub 

Compatibility: DJI Mini 2 and DJI Mavic Mini. 
Price: $69


Opening up the DJI Mini 2 Charging Hub, you will be greeted with the charging hub. 

There is no USB Charging adapter in the box, you will need to source your own or purchase the 18W USB Charger here
Furthermore, you will need to source a USB-C Charging cable. 

DJI Mini 2 Charging Hub


The DJI Charging Hub is a simple, elegant and functional that allows you to charge up to three Mavic Mini or Mini 2 batteries in sequence. Furthermore, it can be used as a power bank and charge other devices such as your mobile phone or the remote controller. 

As the batteries charge, the LED indicators will illuminate to let you know how charged they are. 

The DJI Mini 2 Charging Hub supports Quick Charging and USB Power Delivery protocols where it can charge the batteries up to 29W. 

Using the DJI 18W USB Charging Adaptor, it will take 4 hours to charge 3 Mini 2 batteries and it will charge from the highest charged battery first to ensure you always have a charged battery ready to go. 

The Hub is also a convenient way to carry and store three batteries. 

Why buy it? 

The DJI Mini 2 Charging Hub is really a three in one solution, where it will charge, discharge and store up to three batteries. It is a must have accessory with your DJI Mini 2 and would be a perfect gift for a DJI Mini 2 view. 

Where to buy from 

You can purchase this charging hub either online or instore from D1, where we have stores located across Australia in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We also ship all across Australia with a $9 shipping fee for orders under $99 and free shipping on orders over $99. 

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