Places To Visit In Western Australia This Spring

Western Australia is home to an abundance of land that spans right across the length of Australia. There's no doubt a series of natural wonders exist here that must be visited if you’re in Western Australia.

Karijini National Park

Karijini, existing as one of western Australia's largest national parks, is located around 1,400km north of Perth and features up to 15 steep gorges and up to 100 metres deep that were formed by years of rock erosion. This outback area is filled with plenty of waterfalls and rock pools for tourists and locals to swim in while the spring weather also showcases heaps of wildlife and over 800 different plant species such as yellow flowering cassias and wattles, northern bluebells and purple mulla-mullas for you to explore while you're in the area.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Whether you’re located in Western Australia or travelling from interstate or overseas, you must not pass by the opportunities to visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites in WA.

In Shark Bay, Ningaloo Reef and Kimberly, there's plenty of things to see and plenty of activities to do amongst these three Heritage Sites.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay located 850kms from Perth is situated on the west coast of Australia's Coral Coast tourist region. This region features several activities that's suitable for the whole family. Most popular of them all is the experience with the Bottlenose Dolphins in Monkey Mia. Here the dolphins swim to shore enabling you to interact with them or feed them. Shark Bay is also known for Shell Beach which, as stated in its name, is filled with cocklle shells.

Hamelin Pool

Hamelin Pool is another great site to visit in Shark Bay. This pool is home to the largest deposits of living fossils or stromatolites, in the world. Other than that, you can head to Little Lagoon to have a swim or snorkel, stroll around Eagle Bluff to do some shark watching or head towards Francois Peron National Park to explore the array of wildlife.

Ningaloo Reef

Another Unesco Site in Western Australia is Ningaloo Reef. This reef is home to some of the world's most incredible marine creatures particularly the whale sharks and is also the longest near-shore reef system in the world. Here you can snorkel to explore the pristine reef, swim with the migrating humpback whales, manta rays, whale sharks and more all in the one area.

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The Pinnacles

Although the Pinnacles is a site that can be visited all year round, Spring to summer has the clearest weather for the best photos. These limestone formations were formed 500,000 years ago in a 17k hectare spanning desert that is now one of the most unique attractions to visit in Western Australia.

Floral Festivals

As every state does, Western Australia also hosts some fabulous floral festivals during the months of Spring. Some of the main festivals are the Everlast Kings Park Festival, which is held in September at the Western Australian Botanic Garden . Here celebrate the diverse wildflowers on display or take part in varieties of tours or workshops.

Also in September, there is the Yates Springtime Tulip Festival which displays over 12,000 tulips and 36,000 blooms and later towards the end of September there is the S&R Blossom Festival which hosts orchards of flowering trees not too far from Perth’s CBD.

If you’re not interested in attending a festival, Perth also has more than 12,000 species of wildflowers that bloom around the city.

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During the Spring season, visiting the iconic lighthouses in Western Australia is also not a bad idea at all. Particularly because during this time of the year you can simultaneously undertake whale watching from the viewing decks on the lighthouses. Two must-go-to lighthouses are the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse located at the tip of the Cape Augusta and the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse located at the top of Cape Naturaliste.

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