Places To Visit In Victoria This Spring

If you're like me and hate the cold weather, you’d be just as keen to thaw-out of the cold and into some warmer weather. So with winter almost coming to an end and spring coming right around the corner, let's have a look at some highly popular places you can visit in the beautiful state of Victoria.

East Gippsland

If you're looking to spend a long weekend away this Spring, East Gippsland is a wonderful region offering an abundance of different activities that is guaranteed to accommodate everyone's taste. From hiking to biking available near the coast to the middle of sand dunes or high up in the icy alps to a variety of water sports available on the coast or on the rivers , there's definitely an experience for everyone.

Land activities give you the opportunity to explore the area and sightsee the gorgeous scenes of the region giving you surreal quality time away from the big city. Water sports ranging from more low-intensity activities like sailing, kayaking/canoeing or scuba diving to more adrenaline evoking sports like white water rafting and waterskiing are also very popular in the Gippslands.

While all these activities seem insanely fun, bringing along a device to capture the experience would enable you to relive the experience whenever you want. Yes, you can use your phone but what’s better is equipping yourself with a compact, waterproof stabilised quality camera like the DJI Action 2. It can be attached to your body for more strenuous activities like hiking or biking while its waterproof capabilities enables you to also bring it underwater so you don't have to miss out on capturing any moment you want.

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Places to visit in VIC this Spring

Dandenong Ranges

With flowers coming into bloom this season it would be senseless to not visit one of the floral gardens in Victoria. The Dandenong Ranges in spring showcases a variety of Festivals including the Cloudehill Spring Festival showcasing a variety of flora and fauna, the Spring Floral Festival featuring cherry blossoms and The Tulip Festival displaying over 900,000 different tulips.

If you want to capture the beauty of it all, the DJI OM5 smartphone stabiliser, cross selfie stick and tripod would make your video or photo capturing as easy as pie. The OM5 featuring ShotGuids and Intelligent Shooting Modes provides templates and tips for you to perfect your shots enabling you to do justice to the gorgeous displays of flora that only blooms seasonally. Selfies, close ups, videos and more, however you want to capture your moment at the gardens achieve it all with the OM5.

If the ranges are too far for you and are looking to experience Spring in its fullest closer to home, don’t stress as there are heaps of other floral festivals closer to the CBD. One of the larger ones being the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show at the Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens.

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Places to visit in VIC this Spring

The Great Ocean Road 

As we move away from holidaying on the snowy slopes in the alps, the warmer weather means it's time to move back to coastal regions. Popular tourist destination Great Ocean Road is a wonderful place to explore in its off-season. Offering a wide range of activities all year round, this would be the perfect time to explore the surf coast before the hotter weather floods the roads and attractions with more people.

A perfect way to look back on your journey to the Great Ocean Road would be to capture it in its entirety. Ariel recordings from above would be ideal for this, but if you don't want to book one of those single ride helicopter flights for hundreds of dollars and only have one chance to record the breathtaking scenic views, I have the solution for you. Investing in a DJI drone would provide you with unlimited opportunities to capture coastal views from any angle you want while also giving you the exceptional image quality beyond the capabilities of your smartphone. The flexibility of owning a drone also enables you to maximise your experience not just on the coast but whenever else you plan to go.

With a wide range of drones available in the Mini, FPV (First Person View), Mavic and the Air series there's a drone tailored to everyone's skill level and interest.

Disclaimer: Before you fly, please check your local regulations to ensure a safe and legal flight.

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Places to visit in VIC this Spring


For those wanting to warm up their bodies a bit after the colder season, Victoria is home to over 800 wineries and 600 cellar doors across 5 key wine regions. The Yarra Valley, Pinot Coast, Shiraz Central, King Valley and Rutherglen. Specialising in different wines and crafting methods, each region offers a unique experience making them all places you must visit if you’re a wine connoisseur.

I recommend for those who love taste testing but are not gifted with a high alcohol tolerance, to bring along an OM5 if you still want to capture your moments at the vineyards. You can use it as a tripod to record yourself sipping and eating away at the delicacies offered at each region or the stabilising mechanism incorporated in the gimbal means you can use it to capture selfies without worrying about wonky videos or crooked photos, in fact you’ll thank me later once you see how good your footage turned out.

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