PGYTECH OneGo Backpack Unboxing and Overview

PGYTECH have really stepped up their game over the last year with the release of the PGYTECH OneMo backpack along with significant packaging changes. Now PGYTECH have taken the next step with the release of the PGYTECH OneGo backpack. 

The PGYTECH OneGo backpack is built for creatives that are after a stylish, discrete backpack that is highly functional and bang for your buck. The quick access and customised partitions are perfect for shooting on the move. The inconspicuous design frees you from any embarrassment when quickly switching between work and play. Just go to enjoy your life as professionals can be stylish.

Key Features

Customised Storage 

The customised partitions provide modular storage of your essentials and other photographic gear, making it the perfect bag for all occasions.

Located at the front, there is a magnetic pocket where you can efficiently store small items such as card, sunnies or use the dedicated key clasp to store your keys. This allows you to have a consistent and dedicated spot for them. 

Opposite that pocket is a larger magnetic pocket where you can store larger items such as notebooks, powerbanks, headphones and more. This is also great to store external hard drives. 

All the pockets and storage solutions found on the OneGo really make it convenient and usable for all range of use cases. It will suit photographers, traveller and the commuter. 


This new system consists of removable dividers to keep your valuable equipment safe and neat storage, more secure compared to Velcro. The partitions simply hook into the side panel of the bag and creates a strong hold. 

Clamshell Design 

The bag's front opens fully for unobstructed access and ensures you can always reach your stuff, no matter where it is located in your bag. You will find there are hidden pockets littered around the bag for extra storage where you can store your valuables such as your wallet, passport and phone. 

Dual Sided Quick Access 

The sides of the bag open up where it allows you to access your camera and equipment on the go. This helps you to never miss a shot. All you will need to do is swing the bag in front of you and unzip the pocket, then your camera will be ready to be taken out. You can also store anything else important or necessary in the side pocket, whether that can be an umbrella. 

Laptop Divider 

A padded divider is designed to allow you both to store either two laptops, two tablets or one of each. The divider on the inside can easily be pulled out, letting you to draw out your devices without issue. 

Strong and durable materials 

Anti-scratch, water resistance, dustproof, shock proof material. 

Where to buy?

D1 has the OneGo backpack in all their stores across Australia with demos you can feels and try before you buy. Purchase online from our store and receive free shipping with your order and add +$19 for express shipping.