PGYTECH CreateMate Explained: The Ultimate Creative Accessory

Looking for the next accessory to add to your creative toolkit? The PGYTECH CreateMate High-Speed Card Reader Case might be for you. Let’s take a look at the Swiss army knife of card cases.

What is the CreateMate High-Speed Card Reader Case?

The PGYTECH CreateMate High-Speed Card Reader Case is a multifunctional accessory designed for creatives. It combines the features of a card case and SD card reader into a single device for an integrated solution that’s ideal for photographers, videographers and drone pilots.

PGYTECH CreateMate: Key Features

Easy Card Storage

First and foremost, the CreateMate is an SD card case. An absolute essential for any creative, SD card cases help you store your valuable cards and even more valuable shots with ease, and CreateMate does just this. The CreateMate features a variety of custom-cut card slots to support up to 10 different cards. It supports 4 full-size SD cards, 4 microSD (TF) cards and 2 Nano SIM cards as well. You also get a dedicated slot to store the included card ejection pin.

Fast File Transfers

Let’s talk file transfers - CreateMate’s hidden superpower. Unsheathing the CreateMate’s silicone protector reveals a fully integrated USB-C cable designed to support ultra fast file transfers.

Powered by the USB 3.1 protocol, you’ll get a maximum transfer speed of up to 312 MB/s via both the SD and TF card slots. This means that you can effectively transfer a 128GB file in just 10 minutes with an SD4.0 UHS-II card. Plus, simultaneous transfers from both card slots are also supported!

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Premium Protection

CreateMate sports a tough silicone exterior sleeve that provides fall and shock protection. Built tough to survive accidental drops, you can rest assured that your cards remain in good health in otherwise fatal situations.

The case also features an IP54 rating so you needn’t worry when it gets wet outside, simply wipe off any water or dirt you get on the case and you’re good to go.

Ultra Portable

The High-Speed Card Reader Case weighs just 133 grams and fits easily into your pocket, tech pouch or camera bag. An included carabiner clip allows you to clip the case to your drone or camera bag so it’s never far from reach.

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What is the PGYTECH CreateMate Compatible With?

PGYTECH CreateMate is compatible with almost all SD and microSD (TF) cards currently available on the market from brands like Samsung, Sandisk and Kingston. Compatibility includes the latest cards with UHS-II SD 4.0: UHS-II, SDXC, SDHC protocols and more.

What about devices? If your device supports USB-C, odds are CreateMate is supported. This means that your creative essentials including laptop, tablet and desktop PC are all supported. Also supported are USB-C OTG smartphones including Samsung Galaxy series and Google Pixel series. Plus, with the recent introduction of USB-C on the new iPhone 15s, CreateMate now supports iPhones for the first time.

Is the PGYTECH CreateMate Worth It?

Designed with intention for creative professionals, CreateMate eliminates the need to carry both an SD card reader and SD card carry by combining both into one. It may not be as flashy as other tech accessories in your collection but it's sure to streamline your workflow with efficient file transfers every time you record.

If you create on the regular or routinely work with and transfer large files, there’s no question that the CreateMate card reader will be right at home in your creative toolkit.

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Where to buy PGYTECH CreateMate in Australia

The CreateMate High-Speed Card Reader Case can be purchased from D1 Store - Australia’s First & Only DJI Authorised Retailer. Purchase in-store at one of many flagship locations around Australia or buy online for free shipping in Australia on orders over $99.

  • PGYTECH CreateMate High-Speed Card Reader Case

PGYTECH CreateMate

High-speed SD card reader and SD card case in one? Say less! Level up your creative workflow with the PGYTECH CreateMate and wave your files transfer woes away.

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