Perfect Gifts for any Drone Owner

  1. DJI Landing Pad  $25

The DJI 75cm Landing Pad has become one of the top selling drone accessories across all stores and rightfully so. The landing pad is an essential component of drone flying where it services two purposes. The first is to protect the bottom sensors of the drone from any sharp objects, such as gravel and twigs, or loose objects such as sand and dirt. The second purpose is the DJI Landing Pad adds contrast to the ground, allowing the bottom vision sensors to better detect the take-off/landing point, making return to home even safer. The Landing pad is super convenient to carry as it folds down neatly like a portable tent and it has 3 pegs to easily peg the landing pad down to the ground.

  1. DJI Battery Safe Bag  $16

The DJI Battery Safe bag is a fantastic solution for those who want to store their batteries safely when travelling, charging or just in storage. The bag itself is recommended by different airlines to safely store the batteries in when in flight on carry on. It’s a simple and effective gift that serves a fantastic purpose!

  1. PGYTECH OneMo Backpack  $299

The PGYTECH OneMo backpack is the hottest product released this year. Backed by thousands of kickstarts, the OneMo backpack has been designed with drone and photography enthusiasts in mind. It comes with both a bag that fits up to 25L and a pouch that fits up to 5L, giving a total volume of 30L. The bag is designed to carry 2 drones and 5 lenses, which exceeds the needs of most photographer. The interior parts are made of waterproof and wear-resistant fabrics which are easy to clean. It has a multi-layered sandwich structure which is very effective for protecting equipment. Also the bag has a battery power bank marker, anti-theft zipper, multi-pocket and multi-function strap and a multi-handle.

  1. PGYTECH lenspen  $29

The PGYTECH lenspen is professional care for your lens and screen anytime and anywhere. This lens pen is perfect to clean the lens and body for all types of cameras as well as projectors and other optical products and digital equipment. On one end there is a soft retractable brush and on the other end, there is a carbon cleaning compound which effectively removes fingerprints and grease. Gone are the days of using your shirt to clean the lens, using the lens pen is far more effective!

  1. D1 Gift Card

If you are unsure what drone they have or what accessories they have/don’t have, the gift card is the way to go and ensures they can spend it on something they want! There are different increments on the fit cards, $20, $50 and $100. If you are after a giftcard with a little more value, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will organize a special customer giftcard for the special one!

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