Osmo Mobile 3 - Why You Need It

DJI has just innovated yet again with their brand new Osmo Mobile 3. This is the most compact, versatile and powerful phone gimbal in the market today. 

The 3 axis phone stabilizer contains Bluetooth 5.0 for that secure and responsive connection, ActiveTrack 3.0 (uses deep learning to better track people) and a weighs only 405g. 

Why do you need it? 

Nothing can ever beat mechanical stablisation, not even rocksteady (the electronic stablisation found on the Osmo Action). The issue with these electronic stablisation techniques is that it looses sharpness, clarity and the edges become very warped, leading to some very unnatural videos. If you turn the stabilisation off, your videos will shake up and down like crazy, completely unwatchable. There is nothing worse than sharing your footage to your friends and family after a holiday only to see that the footage is extremely shaky and basically unwatchable. You not only get stabilised videos, you also get active tracking, which means you can track yourself in selfie mode (so you are always in frame) or a person such as your significant other! Furthermore, you get some of the best panorama photos from the gimbal as well as awesome hyperlapse/timelapse features. You can get really creative with a gimbal and you look like professional moving around with this in your hand! 

If you are thinking about upgrading from another mobile gimbal, we have highlighted three of the main features that have been introduced that make the gimbal even better than the first two generations of the Osmo Mobile. 

Automatic portrait/landscape switch

The biggest gripe people had with the Osmo Mobile 2 was the manual switching between portrait and landscape mode. Whilst it was great to see the phone gimbal working in both portrait and landscape mode, it unfortunately was inconvenient and cumbersome. 

Now with the Osmo Mobile 3, the gimbal will automatically swap between portrait and landscape at the touch of a button. It is a seamless transition, meaning you can now capture videos for your Instagram stories and for your Youtube/TV watching experience! Your phone will automatically switch between the two modes without issue. 

An easy way to get the Osmo Mobile 2 to portrait mode is to tilt the Osmo Mobile 2 on an angle, however you may end up with some very sore arms! 

Foldable design 

The Osmo Mobile 3 now introduces a compact way to carry the Osmo Mobile 3 around with it being able to fold over itself. This means it is very easy to carry around in your day-pack as it takes little to no space. In the combo, you will receive the carry bag as well as a tripod. 

To compliment the foldable design, they implemented an angled grip to better suit your hand for longer filming sessions and for better control of the gimbal. 

Return of the trigger button 

One of the best features of the Osmo Mobile series 1 was the trigger button. It make for seamless shooting and felt very intuitive to use. Holding the trigger button would allow the Osmo to go into a fixed orientation mode, meaning that if you move/twist your hand, the gimbal will continue facing forward without issue. This trigger button was not found on the Osmo Mobile 2. 

With the Osmo Mobile 3, we see the return of the trigger button which now allows the user to enter different modes similar to how the Ronin-S and SC operates. 

You can also enter ActiveTrack with the back trigger button as well as swap between normal and selfie modes! 

What makes the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal better than others? 

DJI are drone makers and they know how to make a really good brushless motor, which is prominent in the DJI Osmo Mobile 3. This gimbal has some of the strongest 

The software behind the Osmo Mobile 3 is pretty incredible with the ActiveTrack 3.0 with it's deep learning. This means tracking people from their shoulder up is very accurate. It will also use trajectory to ensure that the gimbal will continue to follow a person's movements even when they walk behind a tree/obstacle. 

The Mimo app also includes story modes, which basically automatically edits you a video or you can click and drag clips into a timeline to create a video you can easily share with friends and family. 

You can also take slow motion videos, 360 panoramas as well as hyperlapses. These are awesome visuals to add to your video or share to your friends and family. 

The battery inside the Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal is also capable of charging your phone both in use and also out of use, meaning you can use it as a portable battery bank, perfect for all occasions! 

Concluding thoughts 

No longer will you be sharing shakey videos to your friends, you will now be sharing buttery smooth videos. It brings out that Hollywood producer in you! 

If you are interesting in getting the Osmo Mobile 3, please do not hesitate to stop by one of our stores to learn more about the mobile 3 and play around with it. We have product specialists in-store who will help you with any questions or doubts you have. 

If you made your decision and are ready to buy, welcome to the DJI family, purchase your Osmo Mobile 3 here.