Osmo Mobile 3 - Complete Run Down

The Osmo Mobile 3 is finally here and it’s going to transform your world! (Plus it’s at a bargain price!)

DJI’s latest smartphone gimbal is like no other, it’s the most stable and the most convenient gimbal yet! They have increase the power of the motors to handle larger phones as well as phone with attached lenses to them (shout out to moment for their awesome lens collection!).

The foldable design gives the Osmo mobile a locking mechanism, which is a first for this series. DJI introduced locking mechanisms in the Ronin-SC and they help tremendously when it comes to carrying the Osmo around!

Gone is DJI GO, it has now been completely replaced with DJI Mimo, an app specifically designed for the Osmo Range, which includes the Pocket and Action. This signifies the end to DJI GO.

We get the same features as last time such as ActiveTrack, Time-lapse, Hyper Lapse and Slow Motion. These are very common features, oh and the ActiveTrack is 3.0, their latest edition. This works surprisingly very well, better than what I expected. They are done a lot of deep learning to get the camera to focus in on bodies from waist up. It works well with objects, but definitely not as good as the human portion. To add to the ActiveTrack, we can activate it through gesture control. Simply perform a V or a palm wave to the camera for two seconds and it will start tracking the subject.

We see many new additions and returns with the Osmo Mobile 3. Instead of the dated Micro USB-B port, we get the almighty USB-C port to charge the device and we see the return of the trigger! Rejoice! The trigger was one of the biggest selling points of the Osmo Mobile 1 and has made its way into the Ronin line-up, it is absolutely fantastic to see it come back as the mode button on the mobile 2 wasn’t as convenient.

Furthermore, the USB-A port remains so you can charge your phone on the go and the shutter/record button, M button, joystick and zoom slider all remain.

Another nice comfort feature is the return of the Layard hole, meaning you can tie the mobile to your arm and avoid dropping it as you use it. The last thing you want is to drop the mobile with your expensive iPhone/android phone still attached to it!

The Mobile 3 will have a run-time of around 15 hours and a charge time of 3.5 hours when using a 2A charger.

The button configuration has changed and for the better.

The M mode button now does the following:

Tap once to switch between photo and video mode.

Tap twice to switch between landscape and portrait mode, the gimbal will do this automatically without you need to readjust anything! Amazing!

Tap three times to enter or exit standby mode.

The trigger button now does the following:

Tap and hold to enter locked mode, release to exit (same as RONIN and Osmo Mobile 1).

Tap once to start/stop active track. (Only when the active track is enabled in the app, you can double tap to re-enter the camera view).

Tap twice to centre the mobile phone. (Same as RONIN and Osmo Mobile 1).

Tap three times to switch between the front and rear facing cameras.

Tap once and then hold to enter sport mode, release to exit. (Now this is a great feature to have as we sometimes want to capture something that is a little faster than normal!).

The Osmo Mobile 3 is weights 80 grams less at 405g, still a little heavier than the competition but we get a beefier battery and motors so I think it is worth it!

We still have three modes of operation:

The units can be had for $159, down $50 from the previous generation.
The combos can be had for $189.

Purchase them here: http://bit.ly/DJIOsmoMobile3