Osmo Mobile 2: Unboxing and What's New

What's in the Box?

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing - D1 Store

Everything you get when you purchase the Osmo Mobile 2

Once you open up the packaging, you'll find the following:

  1. The Osmo Mobile 2
  2. Hard foam case
  3. Power cable
  4. Documentation
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines
    • Osmo Shield Warranty Service Introduction

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Foam Case

The Osmo Mobile 2 in its hard foam case

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Safety Storage

What's New?

With its tilt and roll motors, mobile phone holder, and handle, the Osmo Mobile 2 looks very much like its predecessor. But this isn't just an update in color; DJI has included updates in design and features to make the Osmo Mobile 2 the ideal smartphone stabilizer for all your needs.


New Control Panel

Direct controls have been simplified to let you access many of the Osmo Mobile 2's features with just your thumb. The power button also doubles as the Mode button to let you switch quickly between Follow and Lock modes with one tap and re-center the gimbal with two. New battery level indicators allow you to see remaining battery level at any time.

OSMO Mobile 2 Design Control Panel

Zoom Slider

Adjacent from the control panel is the all-new zoom slider. Instead of placing another hand on the screen to pinch and pull for zoom, just use your thumb for cinematic control over a smooth, dramatic shot.

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Zoom Slider

Zoom Slider

Portrait Mode

The mobile phone bracket can now turn 90° to mount your smartphone vertically. The ability to shoot video in portrait mode means that your selfies and live streams can use all the advantages of a smartphone stabilizer.

OSMO Mobile Unboxing Portrait Mode

Smartphone mounted in Portrait mode

Lighter and Smaller

At just 485 g, the Osmo Mobile 2 is DJI's lightest smartphone stabilizer to date, thanks to a new compound material used in construction.

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Light

Light and compact for filming throughout the day

Internal Battery

The battery is now built into the handle for up to 15 hours* of use, 3x longer than a single Osmo Mobile battery.

OSMO Mobile  Unboxing Internal Battery

Micro USB port for charging the internal battery

* With the gimbal balanced and held steadily.

Charging Port

That high-capacity battery isn't just for all-day shooting. You can plug a charging cable into the built-in USB charging port to charge your smartphone or tablet. That's right, this smartphone stabilizer is also a power bank!

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Charging Port

USB port that lets you use the Osmo Mobile 2 as a power bank

Standard Mounting Hole

The threaded mounting hole at the bottom is a subtle but welcome addition. Its standard size ” same as any camera” gives the Osmo Mobile 2 universal compatibility with tripods, monopods, and other mounts. This includes the newly-designed Osmo base, which has a screw at the bottom for a snug, stable fit.

OSMO Mobile  2 Unboxing New Base

The new Osmo base


Intelligent Controls

The Osmo Mobile 2 has inherited various intelligent features of the Osmo Mobile, including slow-motion video, long exposure photos, and automatic panoramas.

OSMO  Mobile 2 Unboxing - Intelligent Control

Record your travels like a filmmaker


In addition to Timelapse and Motionlapse mode, the Osmo Mobile 2 now features Hyperlapse. This lets you shoot a stable timelapse while moving freely.

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Features - Hyperlapse

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Features - Hyperlapse

ActiveTrack in Portrait Mode

ActiveTrack, the intelligent feature that locks onto any subject you choose, is also available in the new Portrait mode. This means that your selfies and live streaming videos will have a professional touch!

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Features - ActiveTrack

ActiveTrack keeps your subject in the frame

Dolly Zoom

Now that you have the zoom slider just a flick of your thumb away, you can try a well-known Hollywood movie effect: dolly zoom. Keep your subject in the center and zoom in while walking away or vice versa; with your movement stabilized, the subject stays perfectly in the frame while creating a visual effect that makes the background appear to change in size.

OSMO Mobile Unboxing Features - Dolly Zoom

Dolly zoom in action

The Next Great Smartphone Stabilizer

With all the great qualities that make Osmo series the filmmaker's handheld tool, the Osmo Mobile 2 brings new design and features that extend your smartphone's movie-making capabilities for a smooth shot, anytime.

OSMO Mobile 2 Unboxing Main Feature

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