NSW Farmers $500 Rebate

Note: The following information is relayed from NSW Farmers 

The NSW Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program is offering rebates that will give eligible farmers and their workers up to $2,000, to implement harm prevention measures in the workplace. This program is funded by SafeWork NSW.

Effective from 17 February 2021, any number of applications can be submitted to apply for a maximum of $500 for a drone (1 per ABN).

There are terms and conditions which can be found here

Which drones are eligible for Sub 2kg? 

• DJI Phantom
• DJI Mavic
• DJI Mavic Mini

Which drones are eligible for over 2kg eligible drones?

• DJI Inspire
• DJI Matrice (200, 210)

How do I access the rebates? (Taken from here)

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility. Click here to check your eligibility.

Step 2: Attend a free eligible interaction with SafeWork NSW. More information here.

Step 3: Purchase a brand new (not second hand) eligible safety solution. See above list of eligible safety solutions.

Step 3A: If you are intending to apply a rebate for drone, please attain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) prior submitting your rebate application.

Step 4: Complete your application form. Click here to access the online application form or download the PDF form here.

Step 5: Submit your application to NSW Farmers Association within 6 months of attending an eligible educative interaction.

Where to find FAQ?

Click here to access FAQ