​​​​New PolarPro Filters for Air 2S, DJI FPV & Mavic 2

PolarPro’s newly released Vivid and Shutter collection filters for DJI Air 2S, DJI FPV and DJI Mavic 2 are now being stocked online and in-store! These cutting edge ND and ND/PL filters are a drone bag essential and will help you produce cinema-level footage with your DJI drone. 

Who is PolarPro?

PolarPro is a professional camera equipment and accessory company that produces high-quality accessories for various products including DJI drones, DJI Pocket 2 and DJI Osmo Action. All of PolarPro’s products are backed by their Adventure Assurance. Check out all of PolarPro’s products stocked at D1 Store here.  

What are ND filters? 

Neutral Density (ND) filters are an essential piece of kit commonly used by photographers and cinematographers. Simply put, ND filters are lens attachments that reduce the amount of light entering a camera without affecting colour profile. This makes them especially useful on drones like the DJI Air 2S, DJI FPV and DJI Mavic 2 which are most often used in broad unfiltered daylight that can cause shots to overexpose. By using an ND filter on your DJI drone, capturing the perfect golden hour shot becomes easier and more in your control. 

What are ND/PL filters? 

Combining the benefits of an ND filter with the qualities of a polarising filter into a single glass element, ND/PL filters give you the best of both worlds. ND/PL filters are an all-in-one filter that reduces light exposure whilst eliminating glare and reflections and providing a higher-contrast colour profile through the polarisation effect. The result? Perfectly exposed images with vivid colour contrast and no pesky reflections. 

PolarPro VND Collection | DJI Air 2S 2-pack Filters | Cinema Series

Price: $139

Not sure exactly which ND filter to use in your current lighting conditions? Not to worry, as the PolarPro VND Collection for DJI Air 2S provides easily changeable ND options that can be adjusted with a simple twist, allowing for precise, stop-by-stop adjustments. This pair of VND filters include both VND 2-5 and VND 6-9 options, ideal for most daylight flying scenarios. 

PolarPro Vivid Collection | DJI Air 2S 3-pack Filters | Cinema Series

Price: $139

If you’re looking to make the DJI Air 2S’s HDR footage pop even more, the PolarPro Vivid Collection for DJI Air 2S will do just that, adding gorgeous colour contrast through polarised cinema series glass. This set includes ND8/PL, ND16/PL and ND32/PL filters along with a convenient carry case to store all three filters when not in use. When you’re ready to fly all it takes is a simple twist and your PolarPro Vivid Collection filter is ready for takeoff!

PolarPro Shutter Collection | DJI FPV Filters | Cinema Series 

Price: $139

There’s nothing worse than having to worry about an overexposed shot all while flying a DJI FPV drone with DJI Goggles on your head. Luckily, the PolarPro Shutter Collection for DJI FPV gives you one less thing to worry about with its set of three ND filters - ND8, 16 and 32 - that are ideal for high-octane and bright filming conditions. With high durability and a tight seal, you’ll never have to worry about these filters falling off, even when flying at max speed!

PolarPro Vivid Collection | Mavic 2 Pro Filters | Cinema Series

Price: $126

Helping enhance the colours in your Mavic 2 Pro’s 4K image whilst reducing exposure, the PolarPro Vivid Collection for Mavic 2 Pro offers high-quality cinema series glass filters for professionals seeking extra versatility in their kit. This set includes ND4/PL, ND8/PL and ND16/PL filters along with a convenient carry case to store all three filters when not in use. Built for pros by pros, the Polar Pro Vivid Collection helps you achieve your artistic vision with the utmost precision.