New Pilot Experience - 8th of August

On Thursday night, 6-8PM, DJI store hosted their second New Pilot Experience across all stores. The two hour course took pilots, with varying levels of experience, through some of the basics to the more intermediate skills.

Each store had demo drones connected to the large screen displays, some stores having a 3x3 TV grid. This allowed our pilots to see what was going on and had the opportunity to take notes and photos. There were heaps of questions being asked with pilots sharing their knowledge with each other.

Here was the top question from this week:

How do I store the batteries? How do I make them safe?

The batteries DJI use are LiPo batteries but are intelligent enough to maintain some sort of self-care and provide information on their health. But even with this development, batteries are sell prone to damage and the general wear and tear. You will find that as the batteries life moves on, they tend to have a lower maximum capacity and therefore reduce the amount of flight time available.

LiPo batteries are pack a lot of energy and there are certain things you should do to prevent any damage.

  1. Keep the batteries firmware up to date, this will resolve any bugs on the batteries intelligent chips.
  2. Check there are no particles in the pins on the battery to prevent any short circuiting.
  3. Keep the batteries in a dry environment that does not exceed below 0 degrees Celsius or above 40.
  4. Do not store them in direct sunlight or in incubating environments such as a car, instead place them in shade.
  5. At least every 20 cycles, you should do a complete charge and discharge of the battery to help improve its life.
  6. Make sure to charge your batteries at least once a month and avoid storing the batteries for prolonged periods of time.
  7. Use official chargers
  8. Use the Flight Safety Bag for storage or for travel.

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