New Pilot Experience - 5th of December


On Thursday night, 6-8PM, DJI store hosted their nineteenth New Pilot Experience across all stores. We had another solid turnout this week with plenty of first time drone owners and future drone owners.

This Free Drone workshop was a two hour course taking pilots, whom have varying levels of experience, through the basics of each drone to more intermediate skills. 
Some of the topics that were covered included pre/post flight checklists, photography/videography settings and CASA laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the workshop also had many questions asked and answered, boosting everyone's confidence when using the drone. We encourage people to ask as many questions as possible. Each week, we try and add those questions into the course to ensure that it is fresh and relevant! We highly recommend you to sign-up if you haven't already as it is definitely worth it! Click here to sign up!

Learning point — Flying without a phone

The Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom is recommended to be flown whilst connect to a smartphone and DJI Go 4. However, there are times where we might not have a phone available or you want to quickly get that shot. The Drone CAN be flown without being attached to a phone and the app. However, DJI limited the drone to a height of 30m, range of 50m. You can still take photos and videos with the rear photo and video buttons, however you will not see your framing, focus or exposure. 


Feedback from the evening!


    "Such a pleasant and refreshing experience. Very helpful and informative. Looking forward for more event."

— Clifford

   "Really helpful and friendly staff here, clearly explained all my questions."

— Jue.

"Great prezo by Will and Jason for new drone flyers, really appreciate the insight on flight regulations as well as the drone details."


New Pilot Experience Week 18 2

Further Comments

The New Pilot Experience will conclude for the year on the 19th of December. Please book in as early as you can to ensure you do not miss out on this experience! You will also be able to get all the products on discount with the Christmas Sale going on, this is a perfect time to get yourself your dream drone or to start mentioning getting a drone to your significant other! 

New Pilot Experience Sydney

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