New Pilot Experience 2020 - 16th of January


The first New Pilot Experience session for 2020 went off with a bang! we had plenty of people turning out to learn about both the Mavic Mini and the Mavic 2 series. 

Our New Pilot Experience session is completely free of charge and it aimed to help beginner drone pilots learn the ins and outs of their drone. Not every re-seller provides the same level of service which is why these sessions are highly regarded and rated among the drone community. 

This two hour course takes pilots, whom have varying levels of experience, through the basics of each drone to more intermediate skills. 
Some of the topics that were covered included pre/post flight checklists, photography/videography settings and CASA laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the workshop also had many questions asked and answered, boosting everyone's confidence when using the drone. We encourage people to ask as many questions as possible. Each week, we try and add those questions into the course to ensure that it is fresh and relevant! We highly recommend you to sign-up if you haven't already as it is definitely worth it! Click here to sign up!

New Pilot Experience 2020 The Glen 16th Janurary

Does the workshop change?

Every week the workshop and contents that are covered are the same, however in the recent weeks our stores have introduced the Mavic Mini into the presentation where we take you through DJI fly and how to utilize the in-build settings to the highest potential.  

New Pilot Experience 2020 World Square Sydney

Feedback from the evening!


    "Just got myself a Mavic mini, was a little apprehensive of flying it. Went in for a free 'flight school' which was informative and very professional! Thanks Cam"

— Aloma

   "Great customer service, informative information at the new pilot experience."

— Bjorn

"Very informative and in depth run through of drones. Answered and went through everything you would need to know"

—  Vinh

DJI Store Carindale New Pilot Experience

Further Comments

We will have further sessions coming into 2020, please keep an eye out for the future sessions on our social media accounts and our lounge. 

DJI New Pilot Experience Week 21 Melbourne Central

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