New Pilot Experience - 17th of October


On Thursday night, 6-8PM, DJI store hosted their twelfth New Pilot Experience across all stores. We had another solid turnout this week with plenty of first time drone owners and future drone owners.

The two hour course took pilots, with varying levels of experience, through some of the basics to the more intermediate skills. Some of the topics that were covered included pre/post flight checklists, photography/videography settings and CASA laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the workshop also had many questions asked and answered, boosting everyone's confidence when using the drone. We encourage people to ask as many questions as possible. Each week, we try and add those questions into the course to ensure that it is fresh and relevant! We highly recommend you to sign-up if you haven't already as it is definitely worth it! Click here to sign up!

Feedback from the evening!


    "Perfect atmosphere, perfect people, really helpful, had a wonderful experience"

— Erfan. 

Question of the week!

What editing software should I use? 

The Mavic 2 Pro support video formats MP4 and MOV, providing Normal, D-Log and HLG color modes. In normal mode, H.264 and H.265 code formats are supported. Please be aware that D-Log and HLG mode are only supported in H.265.

When the Mavic 2 Pro is in full FOV mode, the camera actually down samples from the 5.5K sensor to the 4K resolution while HQ crops in the center for finer image quality but less FOV. In terms of quality, they are on par but if you pixel peep, you will find the HQ mode to be slightly sharper. Most of the time, media is consumed on mobile phones and most people won't notice the difference. This is reflected in how people will struggle to notice the difference between FULL HD and 4K on their phone or on YouTube.

Full FOV view is 75 degrees and the HQ view is 55 degrees. You might also notice there is some distortion in the corners due to the wider range of view. To remove any distortion, you can either use software or shoot in HQ mode.

The Mavic 2 Zoom only supports Normal and D-Cinelike color modes but both the H.264 and H.265 formats are supported.

Please note that some windows PC's will have older video players and the default one will ask you to purchase the H.265 upgrade, instead we recommend using VLC media player as this is free to use and open source.

The software below can be used for playing or editing videos.

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019
Easier to use, solid color grading, plenty of tutorials, however monthly subscription and can be buggy. (works better with Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU).

Davinci Resolve
Steep learning curve, very powerful software, free version available but need to pay for full version. Once off payment only. (works well on any CPU and GPU).

Apple Final Cut Pro X Good learning curve with plenty of useful features. Once off payment only. Mac only.

Apple QuickTime
Viewing your footage on a Mac.

Apple iMovie Super basic and easy to use, free with MAC software.

Windows Movie Maker Very basic for click and drag editing, free from Microsoft store.

VLC Player Viewing your footage on a Windows PC

Further Comments

We are seeing a lot of pilots turning up to the NPE sessions now, please make sure you book in advance to secure your place! We will try to run these sessions for as long as we can. The team really appreciates your support and we  will always look after you with your purchase, drone help and more! 

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