New Drone Release: Mavic 2 Air? Mavic Air?

Back in 2018, DJI released the revolutionary Mavic Air drone, which become to go to choice for travelers and vloggers. The Mavic Air had a 12MP camera with the ability to shoot 4K at 100 mbps (40 higher than the original Mavic Pro) and gave a flight time of 21 minutes in total. The Air also introduced the APAS system along with front AND rear obstacle avoidance sensors in a portable, foldable drone. 

From the rumour mill, it appears that the next drone to appear is derived from the Mavic line of folding drones. Unfortunately those who are waiting for the Phantom and Inspire will need to continue to wait. 

It must be noted that in May 2019, DJI announced that every drone they provide onwards that weighs more than 250 grams will contain an "Airsense" module, where it receives ADS-B signals from nearby plans and helicopters that warn drone pilots if they are on a collision course. It would be assumed the Mavic Air will be heavier than 250 grams and will include this receiver, making it the first non-enterprise drone to have such receiver. 

Early reports stated it could have been the Mavic 3 Pro, unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. A replacement for the Mavic Air 2 may be more likely, however it is still too early to tell. It could be a completely new drone product line or simply a prototype of the Mavic 2 Pro as it appears to have the same body design. 

This is due to what seems to be bottom auxiliary lighting, 3D infra-red sensing and optical sensors at the bottom. The blades look very similar to the Mavic 2 Pro with it's design, much different to the Mavic Mini with it's screw in propellers. The drone may have 3-4-5-6 directional obstacle sensing, however there is not a lot of photos or information on the software side. The controller also appears to be slightly different with it's size mimicking the DJI Smart Controller. 

Stay tuned for more information...