New DJI Enterprise Product Coming Soon

The new products have been announced! Find out more with our DJI M30 Product Overview.

Well, this sure is a nice surprise! A new DJI Enterprise product is on the way according to DJI’s official Enterprise Twitter account. Keep reading to learn more.

New DJI Enterprise Product Coming Soon | D1 Lounge

What Do We Know?

As per usual, DJI has kept incredibly tight-lipped leading up to this surprise product release announcement, but there are a few nuggets of information we do currently know. Firstly, the launch event will be broadcasted at 9 AM EDT on March 21st or 11 PM AEST.

The event, titled For Everyday Heroes has led many to believe that this new product will focus on the public safety space and will be targeted towards helping public servants including law enforcement, firefighters and more. If you want to learn about how DJI Enterprise drones are currently being used to aid public safety, check out our blog post here.

What new product do you think is coming? Let us know in the comments below!

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New DJI Enterprise Product Coming Soon | D1 Lounge

Where Can I Learn More?

Want to learn more? You can sign up for the launch event here, and subscribe to the D1 Lounge here for all the latest news on this upcoming product and more. We hope you're just as excited as we are to see this new product. Check back after the launch where we'll break it all down.

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