New Camera Updates for DJI Action 2

Great news! The new firmware update for the DJI Action 2 has landed and brings a variety of new updates to improve camera performance and overall functionality. Join us as we run through all the new and improved features that this firmware update brings, and what it means for you!

Firmware update v01.02.10.10 for the fan favourite DJI Action 2 is here and brings with it a bunch of new and improved updates for users to enjoy! This update can be installed via the DJI Mimo app. Make sure to update the DJI Mimo app on your smartphone as well in order to access all the new features!

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New Camera Updates for DJI Action 2 | D1 Lounge

What's new?

The new update for the DJI Action 2 brings two all new stabilisation modes to the Action 2, providing users with even more ways to capture the perfect shot! This update is headlined by the introduction of HorizonBalancing and Steady EIS systems, but also features a variety of new performance improvements for even better shooting!

HorizonBalancing Stabilisation for 4K Recording

Wish you could have the power of HorizonSteady in 4K? Well, now you can with the new HorizonBalancing stabilisation mode for the Action 2!

HorizonBalancing helps keep your footage level and balanced with the roll axis tilted at up to 45° for insane results! Now with HorizonBalancing enabled you can eliminate any accidental roll or jitter in your clips, even when filming in ultra high-quality 4K!

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New Camera Updates for DJI Action 2 | D1 Lounge

STEADY: A New Way to Stabilise

Well this was unexpected… The Action 2’s new firmware update brings a new form of ElS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) to the Action 2’s bag of tricks, adding to the pre-existing RockSteady 2.0 and HorizonSteady EIS technologies.

The new Steady EIS algorithm is designed to reduce shakes and jitter just like RockSteady 2.0 whilst reducing edge stretching and image distortion. As an added plus, Steady is optimised for greater power efficiency than RockSteady 2.0, enabling users to record for a significantly increased duration before auto shut off.

Low Power Timelapse Mode

Want to record longer time lapses on limited battery life? You’ve got it with the new low-power timelapse mode. Accessed simply via the timelapse menu, this new feature allows you to record stunning timelapses whilst conserving battery life by turning off the Action 2’s screen. With this mode enabled, you’ll be able to record significantly longer timelapses to truly show off cityscapes, road trips and more.

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New Camera Updates for DJI Action 2 | D1 Lounge

Performance Upgrades and General Improvements

That’s not all! Just like any major firmware update, the new Action 2 firmware update includes a slew of performance upgrades and optimisations. You’ll notice some slight changes in the menu system designed to help optimise efficient operations, plus general performance improvements that are subtle but make an impact.

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