New Accessory for DJI Action 2 - Magnetic Protective Case (Free Until 31.03.2022)

DJI have recently announced a whole new product to help combat the DJI Action 2's thermal issues along with adding another layer of protection. Read below to see how you can score one of these protectors for free. 

What Is it? 

The DJI Action 2 Protective Case is designed to help prevent damage to the camera unit from impacts, scratches and abrasions. An additional case is compatible with the front touchscreen module and power module. 

The case itself is comprised of a heat-resistant polymer, which helps reduce surface temperatures to optimise video recoding by activating a heat control solution that increases the recording length under normal conditions. 

The Technical Principles 

The Action 2 itself is it metallic in design, which was chosen to allow for fast heat dissipation of internal components. However, this is a double edged sword where over time, it can feel hot to touch after long recording times. This is because the heat generated from the sensor and internal components are using the metal body to dissipate the generated heat.  

Much like a smart phone, there are built-in temperature controls to ensure the camera stops recording when it reaches a set value. This is similar with laptops where it usually cuts off at 100 degrees Celsius. 

This is where this new case comes into play, the heat resistant polymer allows the camera unit to be less restricted by temperature limits and allows for extended recording times under normal conditions. 

But really, what this case actually does is it allows the DJI Action 2 to run for longer and hotter, but the case helps prevent any burns to fingers caused by the heat of the camera. 

Now the DJI Action has been tested to record 4K at 60fps for 24 minutes straight when using steady, 16 minutes with RockSteady on and 16 minutes with HorizonBalancing. 

This is a significant enough improvement over the standard values, which led the Action 2 to overheat within minutes. 

New Functions

With the firmware update of, the DJI Action 2 camera unit will automatically detect the installed Magnetic Protective Case. Once it has been detected, the camera unit touchscreen will prompt "Magnetic Protective Case Installed" and active a heat control solution that increased recording length under normal conditions. 

Installing the Magnetic Protective Case

Mounting the case to the Camera Unit 
Mounting the case is a simple process where you will need to place the DJI Action 2 camera unit inside the Magnetic Protective Case with the lens facing the round opening and metal contact points are aligned with those of the case. When the mounting is complete, power on the DJI Action 2, and the prompt "Magnetic Protective Case Installed" will appear on the touchscreen. 

Mounting the case to the Front Touchscreen Module/Power Module 
Similar to the camera unit, this is a straight forward process. Align the USB-C port and buttons on both sides of the module with the openings on the protective case, and the microSD card slot with the corresponding opening of the case. Make sure the fit is secure.

The Magnetic Protective Case does not affect the use of expansion ports. After mounting, accessories like the Magnetic Lanyard, Magnetic Adapter Mount and Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount will still be compatible. 

Removing the Magnetic Protective Case 
The case for the Front Touchscreen Module/Power Module wraps around the module. Removing the case while the module is connected to the Camera Unit is recommended. 

To remove the protective case from the camera unit, push the lens side of the Camera Unit away from the case. 

It is important to note that you should never remove the Magnetic Protective Case during recording. 

How do I get my hands on one? 

Great News! If you've already purchased a DJI Action 2 before March 31st, you are eligible to receive a Magnetic Protective Case FREE of charge through the DJI website. 

Moving forward, the case will be included with the purchase of the DJI Action 2. 

For those in Australia, you will need to visit and log into the DJI Account that was used to Activate the DJI Action 2 (This is very important, if you are using the wrong account, the coupon will not be there). A coupon will be issued to your account before April 8th and you'll just need to check out and you'll receive the accessory in the mail.  

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