Must have accessories for your OSMO Pocket!

So, you’ve just bought yourself the brand new DJI OSMO Pocket and are now wondering what accessories are there? and what are the necessary accessories?

The OSMO Pocket comes with minimal accessories, basically only a carrying case. There are some important accessories that don’t come with the box which we highly recommend getting from both DJI and PGYTECH.


  1. OSMOShield - $69

Straight off the bat, if you haven’t gotten yourself OSMO shield, I highly recommend getting it. Not only does it increase your warranty from 1 to 2 years, but you get a FREE replacement within the two years if you happen to damage it. The only catch Is that you need to physically have your OSMO Pocket with you to have it replaced, however it is a ripper no brainer deal! You have 30 days after the activation of your OSMO Pocket to purchase the service plan, which you can do instore or online! You are essentially protecting your investment with this plan!

  1. DJI Expansion Kit - $179

After it’s long awaited arrival, the expansion kit gives you the most bang for your buck in terms of dollars for accessories. Included in this kit is the Controller wheel, Wireless module, Accessory Mount and a Samsung 32GB microSD card. Buying this kit saves you $69.

The Controller Wheel is a must have accessory for anyone wanting precise gimbal control whilst filming. The dial is ideal for those looking for smooth, accurate pans and tilt controls. Not only is there a dial, but there are two operation buttons for improved shooting composition where you can change modes at the touch of a button (FPV, Follow and Tilt-Locked).  

The Wireless Module provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection between OSMO Pocket and your mobile device to support seamless remote control and makes shooting more flexible. Not only this, you can use the wireless module as a base to set your pocket down on any flat surface. At the back of the module is a USB-C port where you can charge the pocket as well, doubling as a charging dock!

The Accessory mount makes it a breeze to attach the OSMO Pocket to other camera accessories, think GoPro mounts, which allows the pocket to be used in various situations. With the light weight Pocket and the light weight mount, feel free to attach it to your bike, helmet, bag etc!

The 32GB microSD card is self-explanatory, treat this SD card as a back-up just in case your SD card fails (has happened to me before) or as a secondary card in case your first card is full!

  1. PGYTECH Gimbal Protector - $16

If you want to carry light with your OSMO Pocket or find the included carrying case very annoying to put in and take out, the OSMO Gimbal Protector is the better option at only 16 bucks. Weighing in at 8 grams, the Gimbal Protector feels like nothing, but it protects the gimbal head like no other. It simply slides onto the gimbal, locking it in place which prevents both scratches occurring on the lens in your pocket AND any damage. This is the best cheap accessory to get.

  1. PGYTECHPhone Holder Set - $39

If you are a videographer or want to up your lighting/audio quality, this is the accessory your MUST have. Firstly, it holds your phone and the pocket very nicely in place. This will prevent any stress on the dongle, meaning there will be minimal damage on your phone and the pocket. Secondly, it has a cold shoe mount on the top, which means you can now add a light or a microphone. The lights will help with filming, especially in low lights situation and the microphone will help you capture better audio! Thirdly, the Holder at the bottom has a tripod mount (1/4 Screw hole), perfect for quick interviews, product shots and more! This combo set transforms your OSMO Pocket into a videographer’s dream! 100% Add this one to your list.

  1. PGYTECHProfessional Filter 3 Piece Set (CPL ND8 ND16) – $75

The final piece of the puzzle are filters for your pocket. I’m sure you have heard this time after time, to get the smoothest video you need to make sure your shutter speed is set to 1/(twice your frame rate). So, if I want to short 4k at 30 FPS, I need to set my shutter speed to 1/60. This is a very slow shutter speed which lets in a lot of light, to counteract that I would need to use a ND (Neutral Density) Filter to block a certain amount of light from reaching the sensor. The more light there is, the higher ND filter I would use. The 3 set pack here is a perfect balance of the filters most commonly used for filming. The CPL filter is a circular polariser, which cuts down certain wavelengths to reduce glare and increase saturation. Think of this as wearing polarised sunglasses. These are very handy when filming near water or needing that extra saturation in your videos. For photos, these filters are not necessarily vital, but there is no harm in placing the CPL on the lens just as added protection. OH, AND these filters are super easy to put on, they are magnetic and do not fall off when filming. If you don’t want to be looking at white, overexposed mush, get these.


This concludes the must have accessories for the OSMO Pocket. You will find all these accessories for sale at your local D1 Store found here:

If you have any questions and enquires, feel free to contact the author, Daniel at .

Thank you!