Must have accessories for the Spark

Must have accessories for the Spark


If you’ve recently purchased a Spark are looking to get the most out of your drone, you have come to the right place! Here are the best accessories for the Spark: 

1. ND Filter

Filters are must have accessory if you plan to do any filming. The ND filters cuts down the amount of light that enters the sensor to prevent overexposure and which helps you achieve the smoothest video possible by following the shutter speed rule of 1/ (two times your frame rate). For example, if you are shooting at 4K 30FPS, you would have to have your shutter speed at 1/60.

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2. Intelligent Flight Battery

The charging hub from the fly more kit fits up to 3 batteries, so it is recommended to travel with 3 batteries to get the most out of your drone for a day. However any extra batteries do not hurt to carry. We’ve seen people travel with upwards of 6-8 batteries depending on what they are doing.

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3. DJI Portable Charging Station

The Spark Portable Charging Station is designed to wirelessly charge up to three Spark Intelligent Flight Batteries on the go. Safe and intelligent with an impressive total power of 5000 mAh, the Charging Station charges up to three Spark batteries in 2.5 hours when fully charged. It also provides power to mobile devices via its USB port, and the Charging Station itself charges in just 1 hour and 35 minutes.

To charge Spark with a battery inserted, just put the aircraft on the charging contact in the Charging Station. Battery slots on either side of the Charging Station let you charge up to two additional batteries. When charging, the Charging Station will first charge the battery in the aircraft and then any extra batteries according to their power levels from highest to lowest.

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4. DJI Portable Charging Station Combo

You get the Spark Portable Charging Station and bonus:

2 x Spark Intelligent Flight Battery

1 x Spark Portable Charging Station Bag

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5. DJI Battery Safe Bag

Planning to take your drone on a plane? You’ll need this.

These battery safe bags are commonly required by airlines for you to store your batteries in (please make sure you place your batteries on carry on). The reason behind this is that these batteries prevent short circuiting and is a reliable transportation solution. The Large size will fit three Mavic 2 batteries.

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6. Accessories Combo Standard

This combo pack gives you all the accessories you will ever need to get you started and flying in the Air. In the box, you get a holster, gimbal protector, propeller holder, landing gear, control stick protector, hand guards and a skin.

The spark is the only drone that DOES NOT come with a gimbal protector, therefore purchasing one is extremely useful and helpful as you will protect the gimbal from any damages or scratches. The holster is a great way to carry your spark during a hike and makes it easy to take out and fly.  The landing hear is handy if you don’t have a landing pad with you as it gives you extra height. The propeller holder is very handy when transporting the drone as it prevent the propellers from being bent/cracked. The handguards help you catch your spark without cutting yourself on the fingers and the sticker just makes your spark a little bit more personalise!

Definitely pick these up for yourself or as a gift!

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7. Pad Holder

Finding your phone screen just a tad too small? Definitely pick up one of these pad holders.

This pad holder can help you to use bigger tablet/pads with your remote controller. It is compatible with most tablets in the market. A quick release design with a simple and convenient installation procedure makes it one of the better tablet holders in the market. With its adjustable positions, and self-standing structure, you can place it directly on any table without any worries.

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8. Safety Case

This protector case is perfect for those seeking extra protection for their Mavic Air. 

The case is IP67-rated and resistant to impact when dropped from a height of one meter. Passing rigorous tests of high and low temperatures, as well as a vibration test, the Mavic Air Safety case will protect your aircraft through adverse conditions and harsh weather environments. It will ensure that the contents of the case are kept safe and dry during transportation.

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9. Aircraft Sleeve

Want extra protection on your drone and want to avoid scratches?

The aircraft sleeve is the perfect solution. The inside of the sleeve is made of soft and wear-resistant material, allowing you to better store the Mavic during transportation, protecting it from dust and wear. It doubles up as a great carrying bag for extra accessories such as filter, batteries, chargers and landing gears.

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10. Landing Pad

Landing Pads are one of the most underrated accessories for drones. They fold up to a very portable size and helps protect the gimbals, sensors and camera during take-off and landing. You can place this on top of sand, grass, dirt and gravel to create a flat, unobstructed platform. Not only this, the landing pad is black on one side and yellow on the other to help create contrast between the pad and the ground, helping the bottom sensors on the drone to better detect a smooth landing surface. It also helps to ensure your drone does not drift during landing.

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