Must have accessories for the RoboMaster S1

The Robomaster S1 is DJI's first and only advanced educational robot. With 46 programmable components, 6 programmable AI modules and 4WD Omnidirectional movement. The Robomaster has taken the education industry by storm. Inspired by DJI's annual RoboMaster robotics competition, the S1 provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming and through captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features. 

RoboMaster S1 Play More Kit

Robomaster S1 Play More Kit Must Have AccessoriesThe Play More Kit is the perfect set of accessories that compliment the RoboMaster S1. In this kit, you will get a gamepad, intelligent battery, one gel bead container and a bottle of gel beads to help you continue your fun! Feel free to keep on reading to learn more about each individual accessory. 

RoboMaster S1 Intelligent Battery

RoboMaster S1 Intelligent Battery Must Have Accessories

This battery has been specifically designed for the S1 that uses a high-energy density Lithium-ion battery with a rated capacity of 25.92 Wh. This gives the RoboMaster a total operation time of 35 minutes and a standby time of 100 minutes. To keep the fun going, we suggest to purchased additional batteries to keep an operational time of at least 70 to 105 minutes. The battery also contains multiple protection functions to ensure the battery does not overcharge of discharge too quickly. 

RoboMaster S1 Gamepad

Robomaster S1 Gamepad Must Have Accessories

The gamepad is specifically designed for the RoboMaster S1 where it is connected to your mobile device and allows advanced control of the RoboMaster. The Gamepad has four physical buttons for launching, customer skills, randoms skills, and overheating protection. It also supports external mouse and keyboard use for expanded operating possibilities. The part that supports the mobile device will fit devices that are 14-24 cm long. it is a rechargeable controller that has an operating time of 2 hours. 

RoboMaster Gel Beads 

Robomaster S1 Gel Beads Must Have Accessories
The gel bed is safe and non-toxic. It is recommended to use the gel beads after soaking them in clean water for 3  4 hours at normal temperature. This will increase the diameter and size of the bead to be operational for the S1 cannon. You can soak them in food dye to create a custom colour, giving trajectory effects as the gel beads are launched and landed. 

SunnyLife Carrying Bag

Robomaster S1 Carrying Bag DJI Must Have Accessories

Out of the box, there is no easy way to carry the RoboMaster and all the accessories. Fortunately with the SunnyLife Carrying Bag, it will all bit in! The bag will fit the RoboMaster, Spare Wheels, Battery and Charger, Another battery, glasses and gel beads. This is the perfect all in one solution.