Must have accessories for the OSMO Pocket.

Must have accessories for the OSMO Pocket. 


If you’ve recently purchased an Osmo pocket are looking to get the most out of your drone, you have come to the right place! Here are the best accessories for the Osmo Pocket:

1.ND filters

Filters are a must have accessory if you plan to do any filming. The ND filters cuts down the amount of light that enters the sensor to prevent overexposure and which helps you achieve the smoothest video possible by following the shutter speed rule of 1/ (two times your frame rate). For example, if you are shooting at 4K 30FPS, you would have to have your shutter speed at 1/60.

Purchase your filters here:

2. Charging Case

Want your premium OSMO Pocket to be a little extra?

Definitely get this OSMO charging case, it feels great, perfect functionality and makes the Pocket surprisingly easier to carry. The Charging Case comes with a convenient spin-to-open design, allowing you to store and charge Osmo Pocket instantly. The Charging Case can also hold two microSD cards, four ND filters, and two smartphone adapters. The Impressive 1500mAh packs plenty of punch to recharge the OSMO Pocket to give you a longer shooting time!

Purchase yours here:

3. SD Card

Don’t be limited by your SD anymore, this Samsung 128 GB Evo Plus hits that perfect sweet spot between fast write speeds and enough storage to last multiple trips and sessions. Plus, they are heavily discounted at the moment, so why not make the most out of it!

This card is recommended to be used with the Action especially if you want to be able to shoot 4K no worries at all!

Purchase here:

4. Expansion Kit

If you were to buy one accessory, this would be it, comes with everything you need to make your life easier with the OSMO Pocket.

In this package, you get the Controller Wheel, Wireless Module, Accessory Mount, and a 32GB Samsung microSD Card.

Why these accessories? Well;
The accessory mount allows you to connect your Pocket to the vast range of Action and GoPro accessories. This also allows you to attach your pocket to a Tripod for those long exposure shots and time lapses. There is nothing worse than trying to take a time-lapse with shaky hands!

The Control wheels gives you that precise movement needed when panning left to right or up and down. You also get the added bonus of two extra buttons which help your Pocket experience by quickly changing the different modes as well as turning to selfie mode!

Finally, the Wireless module is one of the most versatile and highly used accessory, it allows you to completely control the pocket up to 5-10m away. You can set your frame up without having your phone attach to your pocket, giving you that lightweight and flexible experience. If you are having port issues, this is also another great way to prevent disconnections!

Purchase your expansion kit here:

5. Phone Holder Set

Worries that your phone connection with the pocket isn’t sturdy and want to avoid port damage?

100% get this accessory as this solves all the issues with damaging the port, disconnections and reduces the stress in that port bridge. You will also gain easier control with this accessory, giving you better footage from the camera!

Purchase yours here:

6. 3.5mm Adaptor

Now that you’ve that professional looking video, you might want to look towards getting that professional sounding audio with the Osmo Pocket.

The 3.5mm Adapter allows the user to plug in an external 3.5mm microphone into Osmo Pocket for higher-quality sound recording.

It's recommended to use audio-technica atr-6550, Rode VideoMic Pro, Rode VideoMicro, Azden sgm-990, Sennheiser MKE400, Sony ecm-ds70p, DJI fm-15 FlexiMic and other mainstream brands with 3.5mm microphones.

Purchase yours here to complete your set-up: