Must Have Accessories for the Osmo Action 4

How do you get more out of a camera that’s built to do it all? With accessories of course! With so many compatible accessories, it can be tricky to pick the right ones, so we’re breaking it all down!

Osmo Action 4 Accessories: What’s Available?

Don’t know how to accessorise? We’ve got you! This buying guide is broken down by accessory type to help make picking your accessories just a little easier.

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Osmo Action 4 Adventure Accessories

Gear up for adventure with accessorry kits for Osmo Action 4.

  • Osmo Action Diving Accessory Kit

Diving Accessory Kit

Get ready to adventure underwater with the Osmo Action Diving Accessory Kit which enables you to take OA4 to new depths. This accessory kit is great for recording footage while snorkelling, diving, surfing and more.

Includes: 60m Waterproof Case, Floating Handle, Anti-Fog Inserts

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  • Osmo Action Biking Accessory Kit

Biking Accessory Kit

Love cycling? You’ll love this kit. Featuring accessories to help you capture unique perspectives as you ride, this value-packed kit is great for cyclists, riding motorbikes, jet skis and more.

Includes: Chest Strap Mount, Handlebar Mount

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Freewell All Day Filters

This all-inclusive filter set is the only one you’ll ever need for Osmo Action 4, providing 5 versatile ND filters that are great for high-speed shooting plus a CPL filter for eliminating glare.

Includes: ND8, ND15, ND32, ND64, ND1000 and CPL filters

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  • Osmo Action Extreme Battery

Extreme Battery

Power your play with the Osmo Action Extreme Battery that truly earns its name with its ability to operate in even the most extreme environments. The Extreme Battery is essential for operating the Action 4, with each battery adding up to 160 minutes of recording time. It never hurts to have a few spare!

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  • Osmo Action Multifunctional Battery Case

Multifunctional Battery Case

Conveniently store and charge your Extreme Batteries with the Osmo Action Multifunctional Battery Case, featuring slots for up to 3 batteries. This case charges all your batteries via USB-C and can also be used as a power bank in a pinch. It even features slots to store your microSD cards!

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Osmo Action 4 Mounting Solutions

Switch up how you use Osmo Action 4 by trying it with a mount! Mounts offer new ways to capture shots beyond handheld operation.

  • Backpack Strap Mount

Backpack Strap Mount

Capture immersive POV video by mounting your Osmo Action camera to the Osmo Backpack Strap Mount. The mount is ideal to use when recording hikes and other activities where your hands are preoccupied.

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  • PGYTECH Action Camera Suction Cup Mount

PGYTECH Suction Cup Mount

Need to mount OA4 in an awkward spot? Use the PGYTECH Action Camera Suction Cup Mount for easy mounting to flat surfaces, even in awkward positions. This mount is fully adjustable and can be used to help you capture unique shots with Action 4.

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  • Osmo Action Mini Extension Rod

Mini Extension Rod

Extend your view with the Osmo Action Mini Extension Rod. This extension rod can be used as a comfortable handgrip for vlogging or extended to 42cm to help capture close ups and more.

Need to set your camera down? Simply flip out the rod’s tripod legs and you’re ready to shoot from a set spot.

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3.5mm Adapter

Connect your existing third party microphones to Osmo Action 4 with the 3.5mm Adapter that supports almost all 3.5mm interface microphones. This accessory is great for creators that already own microphones that they love using.

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  • DJI Mic


Pair Osmo Action 4 with the wireless microphone system that's beloved by creators: DJI Mic. Simply attach the DJI Mic receiver to the Action 4 camera via USB-C and you’re ready to record! The DJI Mic supports stellar audio recording up to 250 metres away and is great for interview style videos.

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Storage Case

Protect your Osmo Action 4 camera with this compact storage solution that allows you to protect your gear on the go. Compact and lightweight, this case is ideal for those looking to keep things light and portable.

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Carrying Case

Store your Osmo Action 4 and accessories together with the SunnyLife Carrying Case. This durable shock and scratch-proof casing mitigates external impact protecting your action camera and accessories from the outside while the internal soft lining protects the equipment inside.

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