Must have accessories for the Mavic Mini

The Mavic Mini is DJI's latest compact yet powerful mini drone that is the perfect creative companion for you. With simplified recording and editing, share directly to your friends, family and the world! The below list are the must have accessories for the Mavic Mini!

DJI Care Refresh

Mavic Mini Must Have Accessories Care RefreshThis one of the best ways to boost your confidence when flying your Mavic Mini. Out of the box, there Mini does not have obstacles sensors like the Mavic Air of the Mavic 2 Pro. However, being a smaller size, it can fit through gaps the other drones cannot. DJI Care Refresh covers you for 12 months (from activation of the service) and will cover you for 2 accidental crashes or water damage. Once you have crashed your drone, you will need to physically swap it over for a refurbished replacement and an excess fee. The excess fee for the Mavic Mini is $65 the first time and $75 the second time. This is a no questions asked swapover as DJI will not look into your flight records (this is only for warranty claims). 

We highly recommend getting the Care Refresh Insurance to help save money in the long-run. 

Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Battery

DJI Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Battery Must Have Accessories
If you've just bought the unit or plan to do a lot of flying, picking up an extra battery or two is a perfect solution and the best way to get the most out of your drone. The Mavic Mini has a flight time of 30 minutes which gives you a lot of time to zip around and have fun. However if you are on a road trip/camping or on a hike, this 30 minutes can be gone very quickly. The extra batteries are cheap to get and are intelligent in the sense that they will self discharge to ensure they do not damage themselves. However, we still do recommend following DJI's manual to ensure the longevity of the battery. 

Mavic Two-Way Charging Hub

2 in 1 charging hub mavic mini must have accessories

This charging hub provides you with the extra convenience when it comes to charging additional batteries you have. This is a very useful accessory for those who bought the unit only or those who want to charge even more batteries if they have the fly more kit. The Charging hub can fit up to 3 batteries and will charge one at a time. It also has a feature where it will use the Mavic Mini batteries and act as a powerbank, charging your phone/controller. If you don't have a charging hub, the only way to charge the batteries is to use the rear charging port of the drone, which is inconvenient as you can only charge one battery at a time and the drone must be grounded. 

Mavic Mini Bag

DJI Mavic Mini Bag Must Have Accessories

The Mavic Mini signature bag easily fits the Mavic Mini, two way charging hub, remote controller and other small daily objects or products like the Osmo Pocket and the Osmo Action. This is a great way to easily transport your Mavic Mini in a safe yet fashionable way! 

Mavic Mini Charging Base

Charging Base Mavic Mini Must Have Accessories

Introducing you the latest piece of DJI Home Decor, the Mavic Mini Charging Base. With a sleek, industrial design, the charging base lets you charge the Mavic Mini with ease. Simply plug the dock into your powered USB outlet (18W) preferred and a white LED ring will light up on the edges, protecting a nice subtle glow. There is a magnetic micro USB port that you attached to the rear of the mini and it simply mounts vertically and charges! This stylish display adds to the modern home decor or the home office. 

PGYTECH Mavic Mini Landing Gear Extension

PGYTECH Mavic Mini Lens HoodThe PGYTECH Mavic Mini landing gear extensions allows the drone to effectively avoid landing debris during the take-off and landing phase which reduces damage to the underside of the mini as well as the gimbal. The legs are collapsible and increases the height to 25mm at full extension. This also means the mini can also effectively take off and land in uneven environment. Weighing in at only 18 grams, the legs are light and portable. 

PGYTECH Control Stick Protector for Mavic Mini

Control Stick Protector Mavic Mini

This control stick protector is specifically designed for the Mavic Mini and is made out of durable ABS material with a precise attachment. Furthermore, the engineers have attached an anti-slip buckle to ensure the protector stays on during transportation. 

DJI Battery Safe Bag

LIPO Battery Safe Bag Mavic Mini Must Have AccessoriesNothing more important than keeping your batteries safe during charge and to prevent any short circuiting from happening. These bags are also important when it comes to international travel where the batteries must be on carry on and they must be contained in a fire-resistance bag, such as this. If you plan to do any airline travel, this is the accessory to get. It is also very cheap. 

DJI Landing Pad

75cm landing pad mavic mini must have accessories

When it comes to landing and taking off, these landing pads provide contrast with the ground that helps in precision landing. Taking off from grass patch all looks the same, as well as asphalt. This is where the landing pad comes handy and provides contrast to improve the accuracy on take off and landing. We definitely recommend picking one up to increase drone and flight safety. 

PGYTECH Mavic Mini Lens Hood

Pgytech Mavic Mini Lens Hood Must Have Accessories

Glare from the sun or lights can ruin the shot. This is where the lens hood comes in handy to reduce glare on the camera. Since the frontal element is extremely glossy, some users have reported heavy glare on certain angles. Upon purchasing this product, the amount of glare was significantly reduced, providing easy to watch videos. 

Mavic Mini Fly More Kit

If you bought the unit only and are looking to get an upgraded to the Fly More Combo, this is the perfect kit to get as you get all the accessories in the fly more combo. These are limited drops and are not in supply all the time. I would get in quick to ensure you can get one before they run out of stock! 

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