Must Have Accessories for the DJI RC Remote Controller

Drones are always made better with the help of accessories, and it's no different when it comes to drone remote controllers. Make sure you’re ready to fly with these handy accessories for the fan-favourite DJI RC controller.

DJI RC Accessories: What’s Available?

Elevate your piloting experience by pairing your DJI RC remote controller with the following accessories for added safety, comfort, and to get the most out of your controller.

  • DJI RC Screen Protector | D1 Labs | Only at D1 Store
  • DJI RC Screen Protector
    D1 Labs

DJI RC Screen Protector | $19

Protect your DJI RC display just like your smartphone display with the DJI RC Screen Protector, made of high-strength 9H tempered glass. This set of two tempered glass screen protectors is the best way to protect the touchscreen display of your DJI RC and is custom-cut to sit precisely on the RC display.

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  • PGYTECH DJI RC Protector | Shop Now at D1 Store
  • PGYTECH DJI RC Protector

PGYTECH DJI RC Protector | $32

Protect your DJI RC controller when it's not in use with the PGYTECH DJI RC Protector, an easy-to-use snap-on protective cover custom-moulded to fit the DJI RC. This protector also eliminates the need to install and uninstall the RC control sticks after each flight.

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  • DJI RC Lanyard Bracket | Exclusive to D1 Store
  • DJI RC Lanyard Bracket
    D1 Labs

DJI RC Lanyard Bracket | D1 Labs | $18

Mount a lanyard to your DJI RC with the help of the DJI RC Lanyard Bracket by D1 Labs - exclusive to D1 Store. Custom-engineered for the DJI RC, this bracket mounts securely to the base of the RC controller to provide a mounting point for a compatible lanyard.

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  • Controller Lanyard Dual Hook | Exclusive to D1 Store
  • Controller Lanyard Dual Hook
    D1 Labs

Controller Lanyard Dual Hook | D1 Labs | $16

The perfect partner for the DJI RC Lanyard Bracket, the D1 Labs Controller Lanyard Dual Hook is designed to provide relief to pilots during flight and is produced with durable, high quality materials for ultimate comfort.

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