Must Have Accessories for the DJI RC 2

Ready to improve your everyday piloting experience? Do it by pairing your DJI RC 2 controller with essential accessories for piloting success. Check out this handy buying guide to the get the full rundown on what you need.

What is the DJI RC 2?

The latest product to join the DJI drone controller line-up, the DJI RC 2 is an upgraded version of the DJI RC controller that features new antennas that support the improved DJI O4 transmission protocol. This new controller sports a built-in high-bright touchscreen for easy viewing and is optimised for professional piloting.

Want to learn more about how this new controller compares to its predecessor? Check out the comparison guide here.

DJI RC 2 Accessories: What’s Available?

While the accessory catalogue for the RC 2 is not as extensive as that of a drone, there are still a variety of accessories that you can employ to enhance your everyday piloting experience. Let’s take a look.

  • DJI RC Controller with Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protect your DJI RC 2 display just like your smartphone display with the DJI RC Screen Protector, made of high-strength 9H tempered glass. This set of two tempered glass screen protectors is the best way to protect the touchscreen display of your DJI RC 2 and is custom-cut to sit precisely on the RC 2 display.

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  • D1 Labs Lanyard Bracket for DJI RC Series

Lanyard Bracket

Mount a lanyard to your DJI RC 2 with the help of the DJI RC Lanyard Bracket by D1 Labs - exclusive to D1 Store. Custom-engineered for the DJI RC 2, this bracket mounts securely to the base of the RC controller to provide a secure mounting point for a compatible lanyard.

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  • 128 GB SD Card

Controller Lanyard

The perfect partner for the DJI Remote Controller Lanyard Bracket, the D1 Labs Dual Hook Controller Lanyard is designed to provide relief to pilots during flight and is produced with durable, high quality materials for ultimate comfort.

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  • 128 GB SD Card

SD Card

Sometimes you need just that little bit of extra storage space when you’re out flying and recording data-rich 4K 10-bit footage. That’s why the DJI RC 2 supports microSD cards, providing a secondary back-up storage solution for when you run out of space on your drone’s card. Simply QuickTransfer footage from drone to controller and keep flying with the Samsung Pro Plus microSD card - an essential for any pilot.

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  • UGREEN 100W USB-C Charging Station

UGREEN 100W USB-C Charging Station

Keep your DJI RC 2 controller, DJI drone and other power-hungry gadgets charged up and ready to go with the UGREEN 100W USB-C Charging Station. With four charging USB power ports, this flexible power adapter can be used to keep your RC 2 and other gear powered up!

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  • D1 Lens Cloth

Lens Cloth

An absolute essential for any creator, a lens cloth helps you keep your controller screen clean and smudge-free for the optimal viewing experience at all times.

Plus, it can be used to clean the lens of your drone camera when accidental smudges occur!

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