Must Have Accessories for DJI Phantom 4 2021

It’s 2021 and time for an updated list of all the must-have accessories for DJI Phantom 4, including new products to improve your piloting experience! Check out the list below to find out how you can get the most out of your DJI Phantom 4 in 2021!

All accessories listed are compatible with all Phantom 4 models and are available now at D1 Store! Shop from D1 Store and experience local support, service and the best prices. We've got convenient locations around Australia where you can see and experience the products first hand.

DJI Phantom 4 Care Refresh

Price: $259

Keep flying with DJI Care Refresh! With prioritised damage repair and replacement, DJI Care Refresh for Phantom 4 gets you back in the air in no time, providing accidental damage cover for all drone damage, including water damage! Featuring a fast turnaround service and free shipping, you can have your repaired or replaced DJI Phantom 4 sent directly to your home. 

DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery 

Price: $289

When you’re out flying, time can often fly by alongside your DJI Phantom 4’s battery life. Not to worry, DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight batteries provide an additional 30 minutes of flight time, keeping your DJI Phantom 4 up in the air for longer! They also come with a handy battery life indicator, so you always know how much juice is left in your battery. 

DJI Phantom 4 Battery Charging Hub 

Price: $159

Constantly charging battery after battery for your DJI Phantom 4? Avoid the hassle with the DJI Phantom 4 Battery Charging Hub, allowing you to charge up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries in sequence - simply set and forget! Finished flying? Switch the Battery Charging Hub to storage mode to safely store your Phantom 4 batteries, and maintain internal battery health! 

DJI Phantom 4 Car Charger

Price: $109

Always on the go with your DJI Phantom 4 in tow? With the DJI Phantom 4 Car Charger, you can keep your DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Batteries and Remote Controller charged and ready to go. The best part? You can charge your DJI Phantom 4 Remote Controller and 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries all at the same time while you road trip! 

DJI Phantom 4 Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers Set

Price: $30

Sporting an updated, aerodynamic design the DJI Phantom 4 Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers let you fly with stealth, significantly reducing the noise produced during flight. Simply swap the propellers in using the handy quick-release mechanism and you’re ready to fly with speed and stealth!

GPC Hard Case for Phantom 4 

Price: $449

Constantly on the move and in need of a safe, secure way to make sure your DJI Phantom 4 arrives at your destination in one piece? Problem solved with the custom-designed GPC Hard Case for Phantom 4! Featuring precision-cut foam housed in a durable military spec casing, this GPC Hard Case will protect your DJI Phantom 4 from dust, water, solvents, corrosion and fungus. The internal foam is designed to fit your DJI Phantom 4 and accessories including Remote Controller, chargers and up to six Intelligent Flight Batteries. 

PolarPro Vivid Collection for Phantom 4 | Cinema Series

Price: $125

Want that extra pop from your DJI Phantom 4 footage? Using the PolarPro Vivid Collection for Phantom 4 helps you achieve cinema-level footage with added colour contrast and reduced reflections, all whilst reducing light exposure. This set includes ND4/PL, ND8/PL and ND16/PL filters so you have the right filter for any lighting environment. 

LifThor LITE for Phantom 4

Price: $96

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to improve your DJI Phantom 4 piloting experience, try using a tablet for your display and experience the full capabilities of DJI Phantom 4’s stellar 4K camera on a bigger screen! By simply using the LifThor LITE for Phantom 4, you can equip any compatible table from 7.9” to 12.9” to your DJI Phantom 4 Remote Controller. The LifThor LITE’s metal base plate locks into the DJI Phantom 4 Remote Controller, providing a sturdy, reliable mount for your tablet. 

PGYTech Zoom Lights for Phantom 4

Price: $49

Give your DJI Phantom 4 night vision with the PGYTech Zoom Lights for Phantom 4! Light and easy to install, these Zoom Lights help you fly safer at night by illuminating surrounding space and improving visibility. Sporting 360-degree rotation, four lighting modes including flashing and zoomable lights, the PGYTech Zoom Lights for Phantom 4 are your all-in-one solution to safe flight at night. 

PGYTech RC Monitor Hood for Phantom 4 

Price: $21 (Smartphone) | $19 $25 (7.9" Tablet) | $20 $25 (12.9" Tablet)

Keep glare and reflection off of your DJI Phantom 4 Remote Controller display with the PGYTech RC Monitor Hood for Phantom 4 and perfect your shot! With a simple installation, this RC Monitor Hood takes the guesswork out of shot exposure by eliminating external glare, reflections and refractions from your display. When you’re down, simply fold it down to be stored.