Missed Out on DJI Care Refresh? Hurry and Get it Now!

DJI Care Refresh is easier than ever. 

During the promotional period (October 18th to October 31st), you can purchase DJI Care Refresh or DJI Care Refresh+ after passing a simple online aircraft video verification even if your aircraft doesn’t meet the activation period requirement. 
Don’t miss this activity and the chance for safer and easier flight!

Supported Aircraft

Mavic series, SparkPhantom 4 Pro series, Phantom 4 Advanced, and Inspire 2

Activity Process

How do you join the promotional activities? 
1. Watch the tutorial video below and record the aircraft verification video following the video’s instructions. 
2. Send the video to DJI Support 
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3. DJI Support will collect your aircraft serial number information and inform you later if you can buy DJI Care Refresh/DJI Care Refresh +. 
4. Please purchase DJI Care Refresh/DJI Care Refresh+ within 72 hours after passing the video verification. 
5. If you have any questions, please send an email to djicare@dji.com

Aircraft video verification tutorial: 

What are DJI Care Refresh and DJI Care Refresh +? 
DJI Care Refresh provides two Express replacements (only takes 1-3 days) within a year. Fly without worrying about crashes or water damage, say goodbye to repair fees and hello to peace of mind!

DJI Care Refresh +: After DJI Care Refresh expires, DJI Care Refresh + kicks in providing one more replacement, and an extended 12-month warranty. Letting you fly without worrying about water damage, flight accidents, or malfunctions.

*The product’s extended warranty period is based on the purchase date of DJI Care Refresh + and the warranty of the product or components.

1. Users who have already purchased DJI Care Refresh can buy DJI Care Refresh + with 10% off during the promotional period. 

2. During the promotional period, the aircraft is not subject to the 48 hours activation time limit. Users can purchase DJI Care Refresh or DJI Care Refresh + as long as they can pass the online aircraft video verification. 

3. The promotion is available from October 18th to October 31st, 5:00 PM (PST). Please send the video to DJI Support before the deadline. 

5. An aircraft can only be bound to DJI Care Refresh and DJI Care Refresh + once. 

6. DJI reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.