Mavic Mini Unboxing

Mavic Mini  Fly As You Are

The DJI Mavic Mini is DJI's lightest and most portable drone they have ever built. It weighs just a hair under 250g at 249g and boasts an admirable 30 minute flight time, something that some drones still to this day are unable to achieve. The Mavic Mini is a perfect drones for beginners, content creators and even professionals who are looking for a small, quick and easy to use drone. 

The Mavic Mini comes with a few accessories to get you airborne in no time! There are two options to pick from, the normal unit and the Fly More Combo. The following table will help see the difference. 

Item Mavic Mini Mavic Mini Fly More Combo
Mavic Mini ×1 ×1
Remote Controller ×1 ×1
Intelligent Flight Battery ×1 ×3
Pair of spare propellers ×1 ×3
Micro USB cable ×1 ×2
Gimbal protector ×1 ×1
RC cable (Micro-USB connector) ×1 ×1
RC cable (USB-C connector) ×1 ×1
RC cable (lightning connector) ×1 ×1
Pair of spare control sticks ×1 ×1
Spare screws ×6 ×18
Screwdriver ×1 ×1
360° Propeller Guard / ×1
Two-Way Charging Hub / ×1
DJI 18W USB charger / ×1
Carrying Bag / ×1

From this table, we can see that the Fly More Combo does combo with extra accessories for only an extra $200. You will definitely save money buying the combo outright instead of buying the unit and then buying the accessories separately. 

The Three batteries that come with the Combo is especially useful for when you are planning to go on a roadtrip or a holiday somewhere as you do not need to stress about not having a charged battery! You can also charge the Mavic Mini through USB charging via the Micro-USB. Please note that you will NOT receive a wall charger for the Mavic Mini in the unit, this only comes with the Fly More Combo. It is recommended to use an 18W charger for the Mavic Mini as this will charge the battery at a fast pace. A phone charger, such as a 5W, is too slow. 

The two-way charging hub is a very convenient way to charging up to three batteries. It will charge the three batteries in a sequence, going from the highest charged first to ensure that you have a fully charged battery. It will take a total of 270 minutes to charge all the batteries with the DJI 18W USB charger. Not only that, it can also be used to store and transport batteries AND double as a powerbank to charge your mobile device or remote controller. 

It must be noted that the remote controller will last 3 hours when plugged into an IOS device and only 1 hour 40 minutes when plugged into an Android device. This is because the Android devices are being charged as they fly, this ensures when you fly and finish flying, your battery level should not have moved too much. 

There are a few accessories that are NOT included in the fly more combo, these are the charging base and the mini bag. The Charging Case displays the Mavic Mini as it charges, also doubles as one of the coolest home decorations, mimicking the ships in a bottle. The DJI Mini Bag is designed to fit the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo and can be used to carry products like the Osmo pocket and the Osmo Action. This bag is different to the case that comes in the Fly More Combo. Depending how you plan to transport the drone, the bag may be a more convenient option compared to the case (currently not sold separately). There is no case with the unit, it is recommended to pick up the DJI Mavic Mini Bag to carry your previous little drone! 

Highlights of the drone 

Fly With Ease 

DJI Fly is a new stripped down version of DJI GO 4, that makes flying a simple breeze without confusing you will all the different numbers and settings. There are easy to follow tutorials built into the app to ensure you know what each setting and feature does. This will get you familiar with calibrating the "Home Point" and the bottom sensors.

Take your adventure anywhere

With the 249 grams in weight, the drone falls under most countries aviation laws to get a licence or register the drone. This makes it the absolute perfect companion as you travel overseas and fly legally. Please check with each country you visit in case their laws and regulations have changed. 


Believe it or not, the Mavic Mini has become one of the most affordable 30 minute flying drones on the market. Starting at only $599 AUD, this makes the drone absolutely perfect for flying around, creating content and sharing with friends. 

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