Mavic Mini Tutorial Videos - Master Your Mavic Mini

Mavic Mini Video Tutorials

The Mavic Mini is the first drone to break the barrier between flight time and size. This Mini-Drone weighs in at only 249 grams but has a very impressive flight time of 30 minutes. This flight time is longer than the Mavic Air, Spark and even the first generation Mavic Pro. This drone packs all the research and development DJI has done over the many years and DJI continues to lead the UAV market with their drones. This document has all the DJI tutorials you need to get yourself familiar with the Drone and how to use it's features as well as updating your drone. You will find that the Mavic Mini one of the easiest drones to fly and rewards you with stunning photos and videos. 

Mavic Mini First Flight

Mavic Mini Firmware Update

Attaching 360 Propeller Guards

Rocket Mode

Dronie Mode

Circle Mode 

Helix Mode