Mavic Mini Beginners Guide: all you need to know

How to Fly Mavic Mini

With the all-new Flight Tutorial feature built into the DJI Fly app, you’ll have everything you need to go from zero to hero when it comes to aerial creation. Learn more about flight settings, safety tips, as well as tips on how to capture stunning aerial images. You can also check out our tutorial video that guides you through flight controls, the Return to Home feature, and how to land Mavic Mini.


How to Attach the Propeller Guards

For new flyers, or for when flying in narrow spaces, we recommend attaching the propeller guards as an added layer of protection for Mavic Mini. To do so, tilt the drone and insert the front landing gear into the front end of the propeller guard, then keep the aircraft level and insert the rear arms into the rear ends of the propeller guards. Remember to lock the clips, and you’re ready to go! Please note that with the propeller guards attached, Mavic Mini weighs more than 250 grams. Please check your local laws and regulations before flying.


DJI Fly App

Mavic Mini connects to your smartphone device via DJI Fly, a new app built to enhance your aerial experience. A sleek, hyper-intuitive UI combines new features to help you create awesome content right away.


How to Perform QuickShots

With QuickShots, you can get clips that looked like they came from a Hollywood set in just a few simple taps. To perform a QuickShot, take off and hover at least two meters above the ground. Select the QuickShot you want to take, set your desired flight distance, and then select your subject by either tapping or dragging a box around them on the screen. Tap “Start” and Mavic Mini will perform the QuickShot of your choice. Once it has finished, DJI Fly will automatically create a 15-second video that you can then share on social media instantly.


Editing and Sharing

To edit your videos using DJI Fly, tap “Album,” and then tap the edit icon in the bottom left of the screen. In the Edit screen, you will have access to a wide variety of templates, music, and sound effects, as well as multi-track video editing, text editing, and more. From here, you can share your creation across social media with ease. DJI Fly’s new editor is perfect for super-fast editing and sharing, whether it’s a shot for your Instagram, a family photo for Facebook, or an aerial masterpiece for SkyPixel.



How to Update Mavic Mini’s Firmware

When you are connected to the internet, the DJI Fly app can automatically detect if there is a new firmware version, and a prompt will appear. Simply enter the firmware update page and tap “Update” to begin. While Mavic Mini is updating, make sure you don’t power either device off or exit the app. Mavic Mini will automatically shut down once the update is complete.